S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha


Coming out April 26th, i.e. tomorrow (or tonight, depends on when they release and your time zone)

Also standalone, so you don’t need any STALKER game to play it


Years of development and it’s finally actually coming out

It’s a shame given the circumstances of the leak, but still

obligatory media


Is it based on the CoP version of the engine?


^It’s a custom version. The leak only had DX9 support but the final thing should have DX10, or at least they were showing off DX10 support. No DX11 support for some reason. It has a longer draw distance than any of the games vanilla and the grass draw distance is finally raised as well. There’s a few other tweaks that they made too.

Wasn’t the leak a few months old already? I hope it’s a bit more stable. It was actually incredibly stable for me up to a certain point but now I can’t get past it because the game crashes. So I’m looking forward to the official release.


The leak is from late 2013, and they’ve said it was before they fixed some pretty large stability and rendering bugs, and they’ve also said they wanted to provide as stable a release as possible, so I’m sure the current version will be okay.

Also they will be patching it as time goes on too to fix any issues, as well as re-add the stuff that was too unfinished at the current time (minor things like visible hands on the steering wheel, a simple skill progression system, etc.)

here’s a wonderful panorama because it’s still so god damn cool

Some notes about their engine - it’s based on the 1.007 patch that GSC never publicly released, and they also worked with GSC and got access to the source code to port visual features from CoP and such. It also supports more than double the amount of objects as CoP, hence the extreme amount of overgrown vegetation in the maps.

Also the main benefit of DX11 in CoP was the better optimization and tessellation, and DX10 is supposedly extremely optimized now so it kind of negates the need for DX11. (tessellation would be nice, but only a few of the STALKER models work well with it.)


Is this a rebuilt version of the Oblivion Lost version of the game that they showed initially before it was reworked as Shadows of Chernobyl?


I wouldn’t say DX11 was for optimization in CoP. It ran like garbage compared to DX10 or Dx9. CoP also used contact hardened shadows though, which I don’t think DX10 supports and that aren’t in this new game.

It’s its own thing. It’s based off of what was originally shown off in 2004 and older builds of the game but it’s not identical to them as far as I know.


Really? For me DX11 runs much better than DX10 when using AA


I only tried seeing the difference when I had my 5870 so it might have just been that that was a first gen DX11 card. No real reason not to run DX11 right now since my setup can handle it.





I hope my save will carry over into the final version but it probably won’t.


Kinda related, Survarium is open beta for a day (today), though it’s only the PVP.

It might be a good way to gauge how the shooting compares to prior GSC games and give a vague idea of what the game will be like


Here is the new trailer for the Lost Alpha.


Apparently the download is uploading now. The first one exceeded the ModDB 4gb limit and they had to split it.

Should’ve just used a torrent first IMO


Let’s hope it’s a torrent.


/adds this to the list of things making me sad that my GTX770 hasn’t been returned yet


from the comments

ModDB and this stupid inspection and approval system where you have to wait for admins is pretty fucking stupid


Here is the system requirements for Lost Alpha:

Edit: The system requirements came from the user manual.


The download to the first part was just up but now it’s gone


Sucks, but let’s just give it some time.
Edit: Also, I’ll believe DSP will be playing this mod. And again also, I’ll be looking forward to his new videos on this mod lol.


Ooh so they are implementing DX10. Glad that was just missing from the leak. Wonder what these “special effects” are. Also 700 series for everything maxed out? Holy shit.

At least there’s something actually taking advantage of high end GPUs now even if it doesn’t really look like it looking at the polycounts or anything.