S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha


On what would be equivalent to CoP settings it runs smoothly.

On the mod’s max settings in DX10? Ranges from 40 in empty areas to 20 in areas with a high population.

On a 770.

I had to disable grass shadows and turn down view distance (which is apparently more than double most mods) put to about half, and put sun rays to low, AA to 2x and shadow resolution to medium to get it to run consistently smoothly where the slowdowns weren’t bothersome enough to warrant any more changes.

Runs fine on DX9 max though, but it lacks a lot of the spiffy features and proper AA



Wow, the mod murdered my machine. Then I turned off grass shadows and it ran silky smooth.

Unfortunately, the old anti-head-bob mod for the original STALKER games no longer works; it breaks the game. The headbobbing in this isn’t as bad as it was in the original, but I’d still like it off.



why did you need a mod for it?

cam_inert 0

Though I prefer a low value, I feel taking it away completely takes away from the feeling of movement.



cam_inert 0 does not turn off headbob by itself.

Try walking across your room right now. Did you notice your view bobbing? If so, do it again, but this time stop walking funny on purpose. Your brain filters that shit out. It’s not “realistic;” by far the most realistic in-game view mode is the “floating camera” that so many people seem to hate.

This is the same reason that motion blur in videogames is bullshit. Try whipping your head around a bit - or just looking back and forth between two objects with only your eyes. Did you notice motion blur? The answer is no, because you go blind while your fov is in motion. Literally. Your brain shuts off your vision while your fov is rapidly changing.

This happens to be a bit of a pet peeve of mine. The latter is also one of the more interesting challenges faced by the Oculus Rift.



I always hate head bob. It gives me a headache for some reason, even in things like the bioshock games or Borderlands.

Dishonored (afaik) has little to no headbob which I really liked about it.



Who said anything about realism? I just like head bob. I also like reloading in CS and CoP better than SoC because it tilts your view slightly. I like running around in doom and quake and older games because they have a small amount of view bobbing. When i turn it off in those games I feel like my character is sliding around like a vehicle.

And with the exception of the oculus rift, looking at a monitor playing a game and turning a joystick or a mouse to turn feels nothing like looking around in real life, though I understand if you don’t like it.



Hey, people, I have a question (please help me out): I recently began playing the game, and did come for the reward back to the indicated place, but could not get it: I killed the zombies, and received nothing in return. Is it normal (I mean, I acquired enough money to play happily by doing not much, but …)?



I can’t say I’ve ever complete that quest. You should get something though. I think you need to go back to Sid and say “I’m here for the job” and then pick the right one. Could be a broken quest though for all I know.




Thank you for the reply, I waited for that for a long time! I will try to use the “I am here for the job” option, thanks.



Massive necro-bump:

Lost Alpha - Developer’s Cut release date announcement[/size]

Sounds like there will be additional content coming later on:




S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha - Developer’s Cut v1.4000 now available (currently as a patch to Lost Alpha v1.3003, a full standalone installer will be released later on)

EDIT: Dezowave recommend waiting for the full installer in a few days, extra patches coming along with it.
Apparently the first released hotfix v1.4001 was deleting important database files due to a misbehaving installer :-/

EDIT2: v1.4002 up in two forms:
Small patch (update from v1.4000 / v1.4001)
Big patch (update from v1.3000)



I cannot even start the Director’s Cut on my PC, I see those little window and then it crashes to desktop again!

Already installed the basegame and installed the FULL patch on it