Save games ruined


My save games is ruined, everyone i load spawn my Freeman outside the world.

See picture. that i have attached.

It happens for all recent save games and the manual ones i have are so far back in the game that its close to not making me want to proceed.

Anyway to solve this ?



Type sv_cheats 1 and noclip into the console, go back into the world and then save.


Restart the chapter you are on. You can choose to start a new game at Surface Tension.

Quick question: Have you downloaded any maps recently? That can mess up your save files if you did.



Thanks, i can move now, but it seems I also lost all my weapons, I’ll have to look up the cheat codes to get somewhere, i know i had weapons there at some stage, oddly though I think i bypassed something somehow in a way I should have not, at least i never saw that hole in the roof near the place where i have to turn the electricity off and walk the mine fields.

And no btw i did’nt download anything.

however i wrote impulse 101 in console, and picked that alien weapon thing, and HL2.exe crashed. :/. (after i was thrown offworld and typed noclip and lost all my weapons)

EDIT 2. it seems everything is messed up, it wont show any of the weapon models and takes forever to load a new level. i alt+tabbed out and HL2.exe crashed again.

It seems the game is buggy as hell since HL2.exe has crashed many times as in not thoroughly tested before release. It looks like a repeatedble bug.

is there cache somewhere i can delete or something, i get a lot of red text when i type impulse 101 about this and that model not loading