Scenic Remaster of Surface Tension Cliffside [VIDEO] [WORKSHOP]


YouTube Video Released! 60FPS! Here![/size]

So, when I first saw this chapter it was a tear jerker. So beautiful! So I set out on a mission to remaster specifically the cliffside part, just for viewing instead of actual gameplay.
And also add some realism to the map to add some sense into it.

Things done:
I’ve removed the NPCs and disabled the turret lasers (turrets will only shoot if you shoot / pick up them)
Added lights to various control panels (

Made it so that the button you can push to open up the easter egg part turns on the drain and enables some green lights (you can see the drain in the skybox!)

I mean this drain:

Minor additions:
Made the fence in the easter egg part go all the way to the side

Removed the helicopter boss
Changed picture in shack from Dr. Horn to another scientist
Changed monitor skins in shack to static (Black Mesa is offline; those screens won’t be able to connect)

Removed the “no camera” sign outside the shack

Added a little easter egg of my own: look on the bridge on this screenshot :smiley: (look closely)

Things to add:
Add more easter eggs
Optimize the map more
More falling rocks
Followup map?



Well hey! And here I thought I was the only one working on the singleplayer maps for aesthetic value… My personal project probably won’t include the cliffside map at all, so I’m interested in seeing how this one turns out!


Video Released! Check the OP!


Wait, never mind, I misread this.