Secrets and Easter Eggs on Xen

Loving Xen so far. Naturally, while flying around looking for bugs, I also took a few moments to look for some secrets. Here are a few I’ve found so far:

Hidden Pizzas

On the first map, use noclilp to fly up to the very highest platform on the map. Stay close to the ground, you’ll find a pizza just hanging out there. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing you can do with the pizza. Using it and shooting it appears to do nothing.


On final map of the beta (c4a1b) go through the map until you reach this pool:

Head to the other end of the pool and find this waterfall:

Fly up to the top of the waterfall and through the stalagmites/tites that are located there. You’ll find the camping spot of a certain Dr. Horn along with a drained battery and a pizza with a plate.

I also can’t seem to find anything to do here, but I do wonder if there couldn’t be some way to power the battery and if that would do anything. Possibly by spawning an entity?

New Top Hat

On the first Xen map, go through the map until you reach the area near the end after you pass the first Xen turret but before you pass the second. Looking to the left you’ll see this platform:

Follow the platforms using your longjump until you reach this outcrop with headcrabs:

Look into one of the small holes on the outer edge of the outcrop and you’ll find a new top hat location:

Hidden Rover

On the final map of the Xen beta, continue through the map until you reach this area near the end:

Use noclip to fly out past this area and fly around the cliff to the right. You’ll find a hidden floating island with this cute little rover made of brushes:

Those are the secrets/easter eggs I’ve found so far. If you find more, feel free to post them here!

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Found those as well and there’s another one below the desk behind the waterfall:


The Pizza may be a ref to a video on youtube where someone brought the pizza all the way to the end of the game instead of the tophat.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the Pizza ARG?