Selling Phenom II x2 550BE *unlockable to x3*

^eBay page



Damn. Just squandered the last of my money

Don’t have that much money lol.

okaaay, people who have money post please :smiley:

That is a fairly decent piece of tech you have there! I myself don’t really need to buy it since I have a 3.4 Ghz Quadie Phenom which I love and would have children with if the fan was a little bit less choppy :smiley:
But yeah, the price is quite nice and the speed is good enough to play basically anything out there. Someone may come along and but :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. Paired with my 5850 and 8 gig ram, it was still eating up all but a few of the very most demanding games.

My reasoning for upgrading wasn’t because it lacked gaming power, rather I needed a cpu with more cores for my work.


I’m not sure the moderators are going to like you peddling your wares on their forum. Not sure the policy though, so I’m just going to say no thanks to your offer. I’m a recovering tech junk abuser. Don’t tempt me.

My Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition is better, thanks. :wink:

I’ve advertised and sold stuff here before, nobody seems to mind as long as I keep it in this thread. Some larger forums I got to have specific buy/sell subforums, I guess technology would be the closest to that.

And my newly acquired Phenom II x6 1100T Black Edition is better than that…thanks :wink:

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