Setting myself up with a nice gaming rig


Hey guys, so I’ve recently come across a decent sum of cash. 1500 to be exact. And I’d like to graduate to a higher end setup to game on, so that I can join the ranks of people truly enjoying PC gaming. Any suggestions from anyone on what kinda hardware and software to buy? Guides on how to build it, or places to buy from where they build it for you?

I don’t have very much technical knowledge with these things, but I would like to get into the high end PC gaming scene, and off of my crappy laptop. Any help at all would be appreciated, and since I know a lot of you guys are much better at this than anyone I personally know, that’s why I’m turning to you all. I’d google it, and I will of course before deciding, but I’d like everyone’s suggestions as well to help set me on the right path.

Edit: also, what’s everyone’s thoughts on gaming laptops versus rigs? I like the convenience of a laptop but if a rig is honestly a better buy then I’ll take that.


A friend made this out for me as well.


Same friend also said this was a decent gaming/work laptop, but I’d like you guys opinions as well.