Should there be a Tentacle Here?

Big floating island in the first map of Interloper before the Vort village. should there be a tentacle in this crater?

I wondered about that too. When there’s not a tentacle there, it doesn’t seem like there’s a reason to ever go the other route, across the islands that do have tentacles.

My thoughts exactly.

I kinda figured that it was going to be a risk-reward thing depending on the path you took. In the end it’s a no-brainer to just hop to island and pick up the supplies.

There was a tentacle there in the first Interloper beta. For some reason it was removed.

I’m getting the feeling that the devs don’t frequent here as much as they once did. Is there a better place to bug-report these days?

No they dont really come here. As a matter of fact, this board is no longer even connected to the website. So we are on our own here. I would say go to the steam discussion area or even discord.

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