Show off your EVERYTHING


I drew The Dude today.


That is the most skilled use of blink I have ever seen.


Thanks mate! :slight_smile:


Drew after example or traced by hand?

Asking this because the line work is a 1:1 match with the screen cap of the movie and the quality of the shading isn’t on par with the line work, so I’m not convinced that your drawing skills are solid enough to draw lines so accurately.

Anyway, if you did draw it by hand: good job, just work on your shading. Right now it looks like the light is hitting him from all sides, gives a very flat impression. Drawings that aim for realism require depth.

If you traced it: same as above, but stop tracing, you’ll learn a lot more technique by free handing that shit.


I’ll take the uncertainty as a compliment. However, I’d love for you to give me some pointers on how to bring more depth into the drawing.


I think I managed to improve the shading somewhat.


Wow that’s pretty amazing line work if it’s not a trace and it really matches up like that

Made a shock rifle for UT4

And here’s a paintover concept


I tried modeling and animating a bullsquid.
This is my first attempt at modeling and animating the full body of a living creature.


A coworker asked me to draw him like one of my french girls, so I did.
Link to pic because slightly NSFW


Doesn’t look French enough to me.


The girls are French not the drawings.


All I’m saying is to throw in some baguettes or something.


It happened again, guys.
I put effort into something.


I made an enforcer


My computer almost died.


Unreal heaven.


I did a let’s play. It has tits.


Build the lighting.

Go ahead, do it.


I don’t have any Art work or graphic design stuff to share, but I do have a short atmospheric piece of music (when I set out to write this, I kept it aimed at a video game format) that fits a Halloween theme pretty well. It’s only 47 seconds long, but took nearly 20 hours to write, edit, and half master it. So it’s pretty rough and no extensions of the ideas are presented. I used only two instruments - no synth is currently used in this.


You all know the deal. Flash.


Modeled and textured the UT99 armor