Show off your EVERYTHING


Looks nice, but very tight around the waist area.


heh, i actually widened it a bit

Here’s the other items

This one’s really basic looking, but that’s because the game engine will handle the extreme reflectivity


I made a thing!

It’s not perfect… mountains are hard to do properly. Also, the distant trees were difficult to get right, and I’m still not really satisfied with them. But it turned out better than I thought it would, so that’s that.

Making-of video:


Very nice!




I made, edited and compiled a lot of models, textures and icons for The Last Guardian, a custom campaign for Warcraft 3. This video has the credits, I’m loktar :smiley:


but why?


not very good at interior scenes, still very much wip since i only started on this just a bit ago


Not a bad start. :slight_smile:


Damn that looks good!


I’m working on a thing so I can get used to modeling and texturing for myself, in addition to level design. Everything in this shot that is not stock Source SDK stuff is mine, but I plan to get rid of all the stock stuff soon enough.

Clearly very early right now, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming along.


I did a sequel to that thing I did a while back that probably no one remembers.


Better that than having a super obvious meaning that you all miss.


I did a thing


Did some weapons for a Q1 mod using the Q1 level textures

Pump Shotgun

Assault Rifle




I bought a Unreal Engine 4 license, whoopee. Right now I’m just doing some tests and stuff, to get comfortable with it.


Looks quite natural, good job. :smiley:


Made this today with a lot of erasing in photoshop


That’s a really neat effect. Nice work!