Show off your EVERYTHING


Damn, looks nice. Any plans to do another?


I’m actually doing it for a project for a flash course I’m taking, so I’m gonna at least do like 2 or 3 more if I can find good pictures to base them off of



Part of a bigger WIP but he’s done at least


Doomguy + friend



Would you mind if people used those for mulitplayer sprays?


Go ahead, it’s not like they are done with my drawings anyway (not that I’d mind even if they were though).

Think I’m finished adding stuff to this one


My new desktop/artsy shot of my ongoing CADing project that I posted in here earlier.
Some pictures of a 3d printed prototype of the jar:

The 3d print actually came out way better than expected.


Did a smaller second one


Just the fact that 3D printing exists still makes my head spin.


It’s a really cool feeling to design something on a computer and then just magically conjure it into reality.

Edit: Not going to double post bump, so here’s my latest project. It’s a model for a spiral staircase that dynamically generates the steps given a specified height, width and step_angle. Here are three different staircases based off the same model where all I did was change a height and width parameter:

The design automatically changes all the features of the stairway to match your given height, width and angle including the number and height of the steps and the total revolutions of the spiral.

Another thing I’m working on:

It’s a modular 3d printable (only one part requires support material) marble toy thing. You drop the marble in the top and it follows the paths.


Trying to figure out how to do waves.
Pretty glitchy, but it sort of works.


I updated that one Skyrim mod I made last year: Stackable Stones of Barenziah with Optional Quest Markers.

Now it has a fancy MCM menu.

I’ve been suffering a bit of ennui lately, so I’m going to try to get back into modding a little bit. I’ve already got the next Skyrim mod in the works. It needs a custom menu, so it looks like I’m going to have to learn ActionScript. :fffuuu:


Little update.


Perhaps these guys can help you out. They started out in UE3, went to Cryengine, and are now using Unity.


Just finished my custom designed, reprap-style 3D printer, Mr. Fusion. It’s a self-contained standalone fused filament fabrication machine. I designed and laser cut the wooden parts, designed and printed the plastic parts with my first 3D printer, and only transferred the X-Carriage and print head from my first build.

It runs on its own Raspberry Pi in conjunction with a Printrboard:



Actually printing something right now. I have a live stream set up, if any one cares to watch:



And another thing I did a while back that didn’t deserve its own post.


'Nother update.



Halloween thing.