Show off your EVERYTHING


I did a thing again




you fuckers always ignore what I post


You need to give more details than ‘a thing’ if you want people to pay attention.


Having paid attention, I don’t have any details, but it looks like some fun is being had. Weeeeeeeee!

Also, I modeled and textured a Glock. Again.


Looks really nice, that pistol. It actually reminds me of the one in Duke Nukem 3D…in a good way.
But, hey crypt, i’d like to ask you a question: you are a dev over at tripmine studios, aren’t you? So, all this modeling stuff you’re showing off here, is for Operation: black mesa/guard Duty? And more importantly: All things considered, if this is the case, then this Thread IS kind of YOUR dev blog for these mods/games, isn’t it? O_o


Thankies. It’s modeled after a plain ol’ Glock 17, though I added that weird strip on the slide that’s present on HL1’s pistol.

In regards to them being Tripmine related, nope! I’m only really a level designer and texture artist for Tripmine (I’ve made a grand total of 1 small, simple prop for Tripmine). I’m only recently learning modeling, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice OBM/GD quality for my learning stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:
So none of the stuff I post here is related to those games unless I specifically say so. Sorry if that’s disappointing. :slight_smile:

Oh, I forgot to post my crowbar.

The crowbar’s the main thing here, but technically everything shown is my work, so… :retard:


Yeah, listened to them. They’re good I guess but, while I don’t really have too much of an issue with it, the whole crescendocore thing is kind of silly, and a lot of newer (not sure what I mean by that, but more recent but also including GY!BE and bands around their time) bands tend to fit into that category. Haven’t really listened to DMST much, might try them out again.

Some of the cooler stuff I’ve come across recently are Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia… and Dadamah. I think Long Fin Killie can kind of fit in there as well.


My little princess, born on 24th November 2014 at 21.24h:





I made a film noir for school.

I really put a lot of effort in this, you should totally check it out.


I love how you just play every noir trope to the hilt.


I’m making a fantasy world for a game. These are the continents, to make it as natural as possible I made it into a Pangea of a sorts, I’m gonna split them at some part.


My little princess, born on 24th November 2014 at 21.24h:

Hey congratulations, What sweet one! I had my own little one on 3rd October 2014, 12.38. Pretty exciting times aren’t they now? I hope everything is ok (especially the pooping and milk drinking :wink: ). Anyway all the best to your family!


Little update


That’s actually a good idea to essentially simulate a massive continent breaking up to make a believable world. Are you just doing it by hand or using a computer program or something? I think other existing fantasy worlds were made the same way, though I’m not entirely sure.

I’m actually not really sure, would it be possible for separate landmasses to form as they are? And how are the landmasses on Earth connected to the planet? There aren’t any other known planets with water (I think) so we couldn’t see it as similar as it is on Earth but maybe someone could sort of guess how different planets would look if they had water like Earth has? And maybe see if on somewhere like Mars all the places that would be “continents” like on Earth would have originally been one large landmass. Though I guess Earth’s water might have played a part in that so maybe it wouldn’t be the same.


Earth’s water wasn’t the primary reason for continental drift- that’s plate tectonics.


Sound design final project. Shield practice scene from Dune.

To watch, click this amusing frame I found when making it.


I’ve been making a map for Postal 2. It’s supposed to be a sort of devil worshiping temple/dungeon.

Here are some screens, obviously a WIP. It uses some HD Doom textures.


Super early WIP (as in, Day 1, first iteration)

Everything custom by me.


very fucking WIP

not quite as WIP