Show off your EVERYTHING


Hey, you gave G-man a deviated septum. I don’t feel so alone anymore :3


Excellent job on both fronts, but your G-Man looks sorta sleepy. :slight_smile:


Our holiday card for this season.



Working on an inventory system in UE4 for a game, using placeholder images and stuff atm.


oh god


half-life 3 alyx vance concept art




Oh god that’s amazingly adorable. I want one. D:


Is it map for Postal 2 or Doom?I think it feeds perfect to Doom maps.


It’s for Postal 2 but I wanted it to have a Doom kind of feel, hence the use of HD Doom textures. Speaking of which, a few more screens.

There’s also a basement sort of area that’s flooded with blood but I haven’t taken a shot of it yet. I’m thinking of adding some sort of maze, and maybe a throne room where a cow-head is placed on a pedestal.


i made a thing


I need to send some to the US, might as well send one to a complete stranger in Australia as well.

PM me your address and I’ll try to send it your way. With a bit of luck, you’ll get it by March if I post it this week.


I made this for christmas and forgot to put it here.
So there you go.


The new, improved, and blindingly shiny QuickDrop 2.0 has been released!


Got TrenchBroom 2.0 beta access for Hexen 2 support, playing around with it


I did a New Year’s thing, and some other thing as well.


I tried to HD-ify a HL1 door.

Original, for reference.


what planet do u think it is


uranus lol