Show off your EVERYTHING


Judging from the blue stuff I’m gonna go with neptune


Neptune’s a god, don’t be silly.


Some moviesfor the inclined.


Worked on a project for Autodesk this Winter Break. They hired a friend of mine to form a three man team and design the engine from the Spirit of the St. Louis in their new shitty (but don’t let them know I said that) CADing program Fusion360 based off some detailed schematics. He picked me and one of his engineering classmates, we got 500 each for the job. Who would have guessed that if you put two engineers and a CS/Econ scrub together to work on an engineering project the engineers will sit on their asses and the CS/Econ guy will do all the work? Anyway, here’s pics:


I haven’t seen a new version of “Post your Desktop” so I’ll just post this here.

Three guesses as to what I’ve been playing lately, you won’t need the last two.




i had a bizzare adventchur


Just a page of comic I draw, the Eric in comic doesn’t represent the real me. Or does it?

Lineart of my new artwork



i’m trying to get better at using world machine, fucking piece of shit program is so hard to use
(yes the reflections are pretty shitty, sorry)


Last few days I’ve just been focusing on trying the level editing stuff in UE4. Made a small little room like the tutorial says to do but today I tried modeling my house to some degree using just the starter content that the engine comes with. It’s nowhere near finished, but I have most of the first floor geometry done. Honestly I would need to make some models myself (or download stuff others have made somewhere) to entirely finish it. Also trying to get used to the lighting in the engine. I guess it would be better if I could make my own materials and shaders.


^ handsome

I made a track. I’m trying to be more prolific.


As someone who is fucking awful at drawing, I’m pretty dang happy with this.




I’m jumpin’ on the Unreal boat.


I recognize some of those assets…


Here’s some of my most recent sound sets:
A pocket revolver and a break-open shotgun. I’ll post more when more are done.

EDIT: CSS AK-47 remake.


How’d you go about creating those?

You really shouldn’t considering it’s all my work. Unless you’re talking about the one grate texture from HL2.


Yeah, I’d really like to know how you made those sounds as well, they’re really nice.


If you look at the credits, you can sorta see that basically what I’ve done is take resources from various games and edit/mix them in Reaper until I get something I’m happy with. The main reason I do this is because a) I live in Australia so there’s not really much I can record, and b) I’ve learnt from experience that real recordings usually turn out shit. Thanks, by the way.