Show off your EVERYTHING


I did an animation longer than 10 seconds


Well, since our wonderful April Fools Day stunt went over absolutely swimmingly, here’s some old test footage of the FNaHC map that I took over the course of development but never made public:

This was probably my favorite Fools Day in a while. :slight_smile:


That April Fools Day was really fun.

Here’s the “leak” video I posted for FNAHC.


A little edit of the snow melt this spring, made with my recently constructed drone:


Now I need to get a drone and put a camera on it. :wink:


Holy ambition, I made a 12 minute short film for school!

Check it out yo. No really. It doesn’t suck like everything else I do.


Fantastic job on the film. Very intriguing story and film style. Good job!

In terms of showing off stuff, thought I’d show off my reel and such, as I am a film writer, director, producer, and game trailer creator. I work with devs around the world in making game trailers and live-action promos for their games. As well as some award winning short films and feature films.

This is my official website

This is my reel!


Yeah I don’t know.


Half Life Style Gauss Rifle


Some ol’ tunes I’ve been working on.
There’s always room for improvement (in my case, an airfield)), but I was tired of trying stuff and it not working out how I want it to so I decided to just release it as it is.

This is Noise EP. You can click on the song title to jump straight to it.

And this is a bonus track.


VERY cool music! Love the Noise EP


Thank you!
Makes me wanna go back to making stuff like this)


You should! Sounds awesome. I’d definitely listen


Trying to learn how to create PBR textures and use them in UE4 (the texture isn’t tiling, which is why the wall in the background might have some weird cut-offs)



This is obscenely early WIP, but I figure I’ll show it because I like how it’s coming along.

Huh, think I forgot to build cubes, but I’m not startin’ the game up again right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


some more materiallos


That looks like near the beginning of Uplink, Crypt.


Also super early. The satdish is something I’m already making a better, less stupid-looking replacement for.


Can’t wait to try it out, Crypt


Really neat. Seems like it’s coming together. How long have you spent on what you have? Also, how much have you done?