Show off your EVERYTHING


I started on May 11, and have been working mostly on weekends since.

I’ve orangemapped (or just built in nodraw) about 80% of the layout (nearly everything but the sewer and area between the room with the sci/[sub][/sub]guard and the end), and gotten what’s there pretty much playable and a decent amount of it detailed. Also various models of various levels of importance (satellite dish, custom-fit railings, stuff like that) and little variants if BM textures/models that fit the area or its brushwork better.


Nice. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


Made something small for a project.


Did you make it with SDK?


Model in Blender (hence the shit-tier smoothing), albedo and specular in GIMP, normal map made by running a hand-painted height map through CrazyBump.


Is that the original HEV battery?



I’ve done a bunch of stuff lately, but not a lot that’s actually worthy of posting about on its own.


Wait, so you guys keep your eggs out on the shelf next to the soft drinks? Completely unrealistic!


More early stuff.

Probably gonna stop posting about this project. It’s pretty small, I’d rather not show everything about it. Also I’d like to wait until it’s done before trying to get more than a couple people get interested.


Hey Crypt, can I suggest you hold fire on the Dish, New multiplayer map DM_Stack coming very soon with a rather nice satellite dish that comes with it :slight_smile:


Aw, sweet! Hopefully it fits as is. :smiley:

Edit: Yeah, I’ll definitely have to shrink that down, but I do like it!


So after I posted here some of my tracks I was inspired to revisit a couple of even older demos,
And because it’s been raining recently I decided to release the one appropriately titled “Rain”.


Small cinematic I’m working on:


Appears to be some sort of pretentious fnorkness


Toying around in Hammer, made a bit of a Black Mesa-Episode 2 AM lobby hybrid.


Something nice and simple for once.


Good lord, turn on your anti aliasing. :stuck_out_tongue:


It and AF are both maxed. Otherwise every line would be jagged, not just reflections.


Spent my morning working on this.