Show off your EVERYTHING


Obligatory Crypt Double Post


I made a thing.

The page-source is really bad, but I’m too lazy to clean it up atm.

wait I just realized fonts won’t display.

e: fix’d


Is this basically a fancy home page for yourself?


yeah basically.

I’m not good at this whole website making thing and this one I thought was alright so I decided I’d show people.


Here’s a scripting project I’ve been working using Autodesk Fusion 360’s API. It takes in a super low poly .stl and converts it into a series of small 3D printable puzzle pieces that interlock to form the original shape. First picture is of some physical prints I made and assembled. The last two are renders. I also printed the rabbit but it broke in transport and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it.


So you’re basically a black magician?



Running it on a new input object, here it is with about 600 out of 2,500 triangles completed. There’s a problem with the program whose API I’m using that causes the script to run in N^2 time when it should be running in linear time so idk if this will even finish in the next week or so. It gets slower and slower with each triangle completed.


Something related to Half-Life.That’s my own model of Alyx Vance.


That looks like Episode Three concept art Alyx!


I actually made this movie like half a year ago but it’s in Swedish and didn’t have any subtitles until now, but now that it does go enjoy it I put a lot of effort into it entering it into a festival and everything why are you still here go go go


If we’re showin’ off old stuff, here’s a recreation of a Portal 1 test chamber that I made in Portal 2’s “Clean” theme.

It’s not a hard thing to do, but it’s actually really fun.


Another one of my tracks.
This one is an old one, needed just a few tweaks and it was ready to be released.
It’s called Glow.


I like it! Did you come up with the camo pattern? I think that’s the first one I’ve seen that’s faithful enough to the original’s without being ugly.
Maybe a bit too much equipment, esp. around the waist, but I otherwise really like it.


Now here’s something completely different: I’m remaking a test from Portal 2 in the first Portal. It’s coming along nicely.

The second screenshot was taken a little further in development, so the lighting is better, among other things.


While Workshop is under construction, I decided to make little improvements for my nostalgic sound project. Here´s a comparison video of charger sounds. I´m starting to feel pretty satisfied how they sound but do you guys think?


Haven’t been on this site in just over three years, but I’ve got some art regarding an old Lego Series I used to love involving Robots and more Robots:


Looks cool, makes me all nostalgic for Bionicles, used to love 'em.


Cool to see your style is similar to how it used to be, but improved :smiley:


Earlier I posted a track called Glow.
Decided to share a previous faster version of it. I call it Brighter version.


Practicing my topography and subdivision modelling: