Show your funny moments in Black Mesa


Show your funny moments in black mesa.
Here’s mine!
You don’t need a video to show your moments in the game! :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny :slight_smile:


I did this once with a grenade in MP. Threw it from a lower level down toward another player, it bounced, hit a bounce pad, fly right back into my face and killed me.



I used a crossbow against a soldier from halfway across the map. It was an intense firefight; I wasn’t really aiming too well, and when it was all over, I went to see the damage:


What did do I have under this cloth ?


OH MY GOSH. It is the gay soldier under the cloth

Ok, is a custom model but it’s fun anyway.


Hah, bloody glitch.


The steam release of black mesa seems…
(lol no)