Sjakal CFG (keybinds and difficulty)

Hi folks, I’m Sjakal and was a small part of the Reissues mod for Half-Life 1 (think there’s still a semi-bugfree Steam version floating on modDB somewhere). Can’t believe BMS is finally here!

Wow, just, wow… When I first played Half-Life back in 1998 around age 13 I was stunned by its graphics and immersive storytelling. Now, Half-a-Life later, to see it again in all this detail is truly indescribable… I AM HOME! Been playing BMS on Hard and got to Blast Pit so far. Damn this shit is nice! Massive kudos to the whole team, this was definitely worth the wait!

Alright, on to brass tacks. Sjakal CFG is just a lame working title for a small tweak set for Black Mesa Source including new controls, slightly altered weapon slots, a 360 controller configuration, altered difficulty settings, and perhaps more to come in the future. For quick install just extract the archive’s contents to your steamapps/SourceMods folder, backing up any files it asks you to overwrite. New controls:

Duck Toggle
Duck Jump
Use Command
Zoom Reload
Quick Crowbar
Quick Grenade
Quick Weapon

bms_sjakalcfg_v04.7z is the newest version

There is a readme included in the compressed file, but I’ll add a little extra info here as well:

This small user controls tweak set adds some new controls to you, and all new keybinds can be changed from the ingame options menu. Duck Toggle and Duck Jump can make some platforming puzzles easier, and Quick Crowbar and Quick Grenade let you use these weapons faster. Tapping Quick Grenade lets you see how many grenades you have left, and holding it down cooks the grenade and lets you throw it by releasing the button sometime later.

Weapons have been split into backup, main, explosive, and experimental categories. This reduction to four categories makes it easier for 360 controller users to select weapons using the D-Pad. I have also set hud_fastswitch to 0 so you can more easily select the correct weapon via the D-pad. Tapping Quick Weapon equips your last weapon, and holding it down lets you swap your current weapon for another while the game is paused by selecting it and pressing shoot.

Adrenaline has been added for sprinting. This slows down time while the button is pressed so you have more time to react. Although Adrenaline does not make you move faster it DOES give you more time to react as a player, so it IS to some extent considered a cheat and requires sv_cheats 1 to function. Walk Forward lets you sneak past enemies without them hearing you.

Use Command combines squad orders, use environment and cancel weapon select into one keybind to let 360 controllers do more with the same button. Zoom Reload combines suit zoom and reload so you can tap the keybind to reload or hold it down to zoom as well, again to simplify 360 controls. Besides this I reintroduced modified difficulty settings, including the following:

Head and chest shots deal 3x and 2x damage to enemies.
Gordon’s revolver and crossbow hurt less; 9mm and explosives more.
Medkits each restore 15 health and batteries restore 25 power.
Suit oxygen doubled to 30 seconds with 1 damage per second after.
Some enemies given more health (zombies, alien grunts, ichtyosaur).
Other enemies deal more damage (houndeyes, alien slaves, tanks).
Apache made weaker and slower to react during its boss fight.

If you don’t want the 360sjakal.cfg controller or skill_sjakal.cfg changes you can avoid copying them from the compressed archive, and the same goes for the weapon_*.txt files altering weapon categorization. The userconfig.cfg file includes the custom keybinds and kb_act.lst allows you to map them to keyboard buttons from the ingame keyboard options menu. These latter two files are considered the core part of this tweak set.

The controls used for the 360sjakal.cfg controller can be seen in a 360sjakal.png image bundled with a readme file explaining more of the tweak set in the latest archive:

Feel free to ask for help or provide feedback or ideas related to the tweak set below; I will try to keep this first post updated with the latest version of the tweak set if a new version is made. Thanks again to the BMS team for such an awesome mod - it rivals many paid games in quality and is certainly worthy of donations!

As a bit of post scriptum bonus info I use the following Launch Options for BMS in Steam that may be useful for you as well, even if you don’t use Sjakal CFG:
-sw -noborder -heapsize 2048000 +mem_max_heapsize 2048000 +snd_surround_speakers 5.1
This lets me play BMS in Windowed Borderless mode with 2GB of system memory reserved (makes Alt-Tab easier) and 5.1 surround sound (otherwise sound reverts to stereo).

nice stuff dude, I´ll check out your cfg. as soon as I finish the “default” game - playing on hard and damn, those soldiers are tough sob, especially when they come in packs …

I´m curious about fooling around with the respawn for npcs - I´d like to see even more soldiers in some areas, f.e. when there´s a mounted MG around :slight_smile:

I have released version 02 now; the download link is in the first post. Also, I’ve reached Power Up now! Man those HECU grunts are tough!

New features and changes:

Difficulty tweaks in skill.cfg removed.
Walk Quietly keybind added.
Quick Weapon keybind added.

I have released version 03 now; the download link is in the first post. Also, I’ve finally finished BMS on Hard - phew that was tough! The BMS mod has truly made an already amazing game perfect! Xen here we come!

New features and changes:

Difficulty tweaks reintroduced in skill_sjakal.cfg for easy removal if needed.
Select keybinds added for each weapon in the game.
Zoom Reload and Use Command keybinds added to simplify 360 controls.

This sounds pretty damn interesting, especially the grenade hotkey - reminds me of Project Nevada for Fallout: New Vegas.

I have released version 04 now; the download link is in the first post. I think this will be the final sourcemods version; any future versions will likely be for the standalone game once the Xen chapters have been added in.

New features and changes:

Walk Forward keybind removed (it was merged into Duck Toggle keybind).
Duck Toggle slows you down to walking speed so enemies do not hear you.
Adrenaline can also be used to swim up while underwater.
Use Command can also be used to swim down while pressed.