Slender: Source
:jizz: Can’t wait.

Sounds cool. Interested to see more.

he worked for the Taliban…

it’s kinda meh. I just don’t see anyway that slenderman is creepy.

I probably won’t be able to play it.

why not?


(That’s the reason I can’t play. BioShock is almost too creepy for me to handle.)

Bioshock, really? That game is so dark-toon… I love it.

I can play Silent Hill and everything (Silent Hill 2 is my favorite game, period. Much like Zero Punctuation, but not related to the fact), but games like Amnesia and Penumbra sorta put me into Pyscosis due to their being first person.

I just get too scared; shock horror or gore-based-distrubia messes up my mind, which makes my stomach act up and stuff.

oh my

Wasn’t there already an actual freeware slenderman game released?

You serious?

Yeah that’s… not really a horror game at all besides some imagery…

I’m a total puss. Movies and stories and crap never get to me, but it’s something about the first-person experience, I guess. I’m fine watching footage of someone else playing or watching them do it in person, but I’m bad at doing it myself. I’d be the first to die in a real life horror story situation.

I’d pretty much consider Slender Source a re-skinned version of Amnesia, but for good reason! Like others have said some just can’t handle the shock value of certain games & I think Slender could get a few more players to try it since I see it being less horrifying, one of the few things that still gets my stomach churning is mutilated bodies & the F’d up face in Amnesia just creeps me out. I’d like to play it but I’m pretty sure that I’d start laughing even though I’d still get a jolt out of the intentioned scare. But for slender I see that faceless character like the ninja-like butler from Mr. Deeds if anyone saw that American movie with Adam Sandler. :slight_smile:

dont play dead space then.

You know… for me, Dead Space was extremely scary the first play through, and I don’t scare easily. I kept having to take breaks while trying to progress through a level. However, each time I replay it I find it becoming more and more frustrating than scary. Things can still creep me out, and all that, but if I so much as die once I shut the game off, dreading to try to replay that section again.

It did a good job at scaring me, but once the anxiety goes away all I’m left with is a fury of anger like, “MOTHER FUCKING ALIEN FUCKER CUTTING MY GOD DAMN HEAD OFF! FUCK THIS GAME!”. There’s also some parts that are just flat out boring and filled with monsters for something to do.

On the other hand when I play a game like Doom 3 I’m pretty much scared all the way through and not extremely frustrated when I die, or dreading parts of the game that are boring. Does anyone else feel like this, or am I the only one? All I ever see is people praising Dead Space, and I’d still recommend it, I just don’t find it ‘all that scary’.

Indeed. But this is a bit different. While the Slender game is singleplayer, this one is co-op. And they hope to get it more scary than the original Slender game.

Its okay I wasn’t planning on sleeping after this mod came out anyway.

Getting shot at? Okay. Playing Scary games? NOPE.AVI. /stares at dead space w/60mins played.

But I’ll probably try this mod, just because it looks awesome.

Lol I just found out about this a few hours ago. Not sure what to think of it, I’ll most likely give it a try once it’s done.

Jethrosoup you would love Cry of Fear.

I will shit myself playing Amnesia but neither Dead Space game ever managed to scare me even a little bit.