Soldier Zombies

Found zombie grunt models and textures in the BM files, hell, one is even used as a prop in FaF. If I swapped the regular zombie models in with these ones, would it work? I’m thinking of doing it for a custom map.

Never mind, there’s a Zombie Grunt NPC, even. Why isn’t it ever used ingame?

It’s used in the latter half of Surface Tension. They were a new addition after many maps were already completed so there wasn’t much reason to go back and readd them. Plus, lore-wise they make the most sense in ST as that’s when the HECU are visibly getting their shit handed to them.

They ARE in Black Mesa, and they first appear in Surface Tension. Rejoice, for all of your wishes were granted!
They have been added with the Halloween Update. Just read literally the post above yours!

Oh that is right, I turned off the ability to register. Hm… Perhaps now is the time to turn it back on?

There has got to be a way to keep the spammers at bay.
Maybe half life questioning based security/verification used for account creation. Or if you post more than X number of times in a 24 hour period your account is flagged for review. I realize all of these would require software to modd’ed, created, written, tested etc.
Are there ever any easy answers.

Examples of verification questions.

Zen will be included in Black Mesa. True or False.
The answer is False, it’s Xen

Black Mesa was released for sale on
A. May 15, 2014
B. March 15, 2015
C. December 15 2016
D. None of the above

The scientist in the locker-room bathroom asks for tp because he had Resonance Cascade. True/False

Gordon Freeman was
A. a HeadCrab rancher
B. the G-Man’s nephew
C. a P.H.D. from Cal-Tech
D. a high school chemistry teacher
E. None of the above.

Gordon’s weapon of choice is a
A. Light Saber
B. Gravity Gun
C. Garden Spade
D. Dual wielded AK-47’s
E. Crowbar
F. Tau

Well, when I registered, the site asked me for the name of the protagonist of the half-life series.
So that has been tried, and it didn’t work.

I think a better system may be to ask the user to visually identify an enemy in the game based on a screenshot.

All great suggestions… however this forum software does not give us the ability to arbitrarily add registration parameters.

What email address should we have on file? I can change it for you.

send me a message…

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all that but with no spaces and of course the rest you should be able to figure out.

thanks for the reminder btw