(Solved) Missing chapter titles


The chapter titles do not appear correctly for me. This is my first time playing after the December engine update so I don’t know which update this was caused by. Picture taken on May 1st.


Is your PC running on fairy dust?

We need your system specifications, hardware and OS at least.


Yep, we can’t really help without having a full view on the issue. Have you tried to verify the files? And did you had addons that modified in one way or another the chapter screen?


Verifying the files fixed it. I should have tried that first. I’m sorry for wasting your time. :frowning:
It’s incredible how dumb you feel when the fix is so simple.


I am just thankful that you came back and told us how the problem was fixed. Too often you google a problem and see tons of folks outlining your exact problem, but then close it with “fixed it” without any details. I mean come ON man! Tell us HOW dad gum it!


Ain’t nothing more maddening.


It’s okay man, I’m just glad that you were able to fix your issue