Some bugs in Xen

Hi! I’m enjoying the beta of Xen so far, but I’ve noticed some bugs. I don’t have footage of them but I could try and recreate them at some point if needed, though here is the information anyway.

  1. At the point where there is a bunch of tripwires and Xen explosive plants, near the end there is a red light; however, at certain angles the light stops rendering, noticeable by the sudden lack of light ahead of the player after moving on from that part of the map.

  2. Gonarch is awesome but seems to have some issue where in the first area where you fight it, Gonarch can sometimes charge at a wall, thinking it can reach you through the wall (you can go around this wall) when really the wall between you is impassable and so Gonarch just crashes into it. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but while I didn’t do this I feel some people might cheese the fight by just staying behind this wall and breaking Gonarch’s path-finding. That is, of course, if this is a bug.

  3. In the second map of Gonarch’s Lair, the game unexpectedly crashed for what seems no reason. This could just be a random hiccup, but if someone could look into it I would appreciate that.

That’s all the bugs I can remember, though I might respond with more if I find any. Thanks for reading!

the second gonarch encounter crashes when i shoot a rocket at it immediately.