Some ideas for after Xen is completed


So I have some ideas I was thinking of when the Black Mesa Devs finish the Xen levels. I know before that I thought of doing remakes of Blue Shift and Opposing force before being told someone else is on that. But recently I thought of something else. I have been getting into playing Sven Co-op a bit and I noticed that Half Life is a multiplayer experience now and thought that would be an awesome idea to do that in Black Mesa in where we could have a multitude of players play together in the same levels. That is one idea and before all of you say that it would take a long time (or short time, idk) to happen, there is one other thing I thought of. The other thing I thought of was when I found the game “They Hunger” while playing Sven and found out it was at one point going to be redone in source but the team fell under. So I am thinking of remaking that game because I must admit in all honesty it looks great in concept but in the gold source engine it looks odd to be kind. I think a source overhaul would look great and I think it would be a great achievement to see that game look remade in source. So let me know what you guys think and get back to me.



I hope they are going to continiue updating the game… Especially multiplayer… The game is fun already but with some more polish it will be great. I’m curious what fixes and improvements are going to come with the next update…