Some strange bugs - Interloper Beta

So I had faced some really strange bugs:

Like during the elevator in Blast Pit chapter, (the elevator that falls to the toxic waste before it can fully go down)
I killed a houndeye and its dead body kept moving on the surface, passing through the elevator and moving on with no stop.

Or, when you get the crossbow and the cage falls in the water, it did not act like I was in the water and the O2 meter did not appear and I was not getting any damage but when I killed the Ichthyosaur I could not swim up and stuck (And again, was not drowning) so I had to reload a save.

Maybe this one is not a bug, though at one point in On A Rail, the soldiers try to attack you while riding a monorail (like the one you are riding), but if you go with the slow speed and take cover, they will quickly pass and won’t fight you at any point,

A suggestion, when hitting the water with the crowbar, it has the same sound as hitting the air with it, if you can add some effects and sounds that would be great (if it could be done by the current engine though)

Thanks for this amazing game!