Songs to play Half-Life to

I want to try my hand at replacing the entire Half-Life soundtrack with a bunch of songs with lyrics. Anybody got ideas what songs would go well with what parts of the game?

In my opinion, video game music, especially Half-Life, should not have lyrics in the music, as its main purpose is to create an atmosphere for the current situation. Lyrics would detract from the actual music and ruin the atmosphere.
However, if you are extremely determined to find places, perhaps the replacing peaceful music (i.e when you first enter Xen) with peaceful music that has lyrics could work, if done correctly.

Surface Tension shootout, maybe?

I totally agree. The soundtrack is fine as it is. Just for shits and giggles, though, I want to see if you could make it work

New music for the beginning of Black Mesa

I always turned off the game music and just listened to the world around me (except open world games). I didn’t listen to music when gaming until Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Black Mesa by Biosphere


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