Source 2007 Source Code Library Leaked

Doesn’t seem like a major thing but still pretty important:

I can only imagine the uses some programmer bastard will have for this.

what is interesting is that this leak includes content for “portal multiplayer”, and the cut tfc :s ource, tf2 “invasion”, and [drumroll] EPISODE FUCKIN 3

within the episode 3 files includes the Hydra.mdl (from leak), a new combine scanner NPC, a new combine soldier, and a new gun

From what I understand valve is trolling us with this leak because there is no sign of EP3, apart from like 4 files that we’ve already seen news about online.

“tfc :s ource” :[ :’(

…eh. Oh well.

Now, back on track… please explain why this whole… stealing source-code thing… matters to us. (No really, I don’t understand…)

Care to explain what your so sad about?

Anyways, this just means that people can now just about completely re-code the engine. Valve has always encouraged modders to mod their game, but now someone can do things beyond the Source engine’s capabilities if they code it right. This is both good and bad for plenty of reasons.