Source Mod - Trouble with NPCs


I’ve made a source mod for black mesa and ive just been having one problem over the past few months, NPC’s seem to be dying at either the start or end of a scripted sequence although some dont like the barney who takes you off the tram, also marine have considerably low health as i can kill them with one bullet from a pistol

Ive not seen anyone make a source mod for black mesa so im not sure if anyone has come across this problem or has a solution but all help would be appricated


These are some examples of the issues


I have only seen that bug once before, with a pirated copy of half life 2.


Do a clean wipe of the game. (Remove any non-steam custom assets you want to keep, uninstall, reinstall) If the problem continues, its something with the mod.


I created an entirely new source mod using my previous gameinfo.cfg and only changed the path of the bin to go to bms/bin and the problem still continues do you think its a problem with my gameinfo.txt (modified from bms gameinfo)


ok i removed every folder from my source mod except cfg, resource and scripts and it has now started working i know need to figure out which file / folder was causing the problem


I feel a wee bit silly when i first made the mod i forgot to replace the cfg folder, problem solved thanks guys


I’m a little unclear on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish here and how you’re doing it. Would you mind posting some sort of breakdown of the file structure of this mod and what game-related files have been changed?


The mod has a similar file structure to any source mod having things such as materials, models, resources, etc. I’m attempting to make a source mod, it will probably go nowhere since i am only one person. This isnt a workshop mod since their are too many files that replace already existing files like the main menu, hud, etc.

Its basically something i’'m trying out to get more experience in the source engine, since im not very familiar with it I’ve had a few problems such as this one but they’ve all been resolved since