SpeedStorm - Now on Greenlight!


Hey guys,
So as some of you may be aware, I’m in a Game Development program at my University where each year we make a game prototype for marks and to fill out our portfolios. This year, in addition to my own team’s project, I contributed some minor feedback and acapella sound effects to a game some friends in the year below me were working on, and they’ve since brought me on to help them continue the project as they gear up to release it on Steam.

The game itself, SpeedStorm, is a fast-paced sidescrolling shoot-em-up, with an emphasis on the player learning to beat the levels as fast as possible through subsequent playthroughs.

It’s pretty arcadey and has well polished award-winning gameplay that’s easy to learn but takes time to master, so if that sounds like it interests you, we’d welcome your vote on our Greenlight page!

Obligatory Media follows:


This game looks pretty neat! Or at least I hope so, I’m the programmer!