Star Wars Battlefront


So I’m sure some of you played the new Battlefront Beta, and if you didn’t then you probably saw some footage of it, and if you didn’t do that then you have been living under a rock.

Anyway, I’m wondering what the thoughts here are about that. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. Visuals are stunning and the Sounds are spot on, but other than that I got bored after a couple hours of gameplay. It feels dumbed down compared to its predecessors, and there are a number of things I did not like at all. Namely the whole vehicle power up system, the cards, oh and it’s being developed by EA.

I was already a bit pessimistic about the game going in considering it would not feature a singleplayer campaign, space battles, or galactic conquest, but I’m pretty sure I’m not buying this thing at launch. Plus I hate Season Passes and IMO how DLC is handled is just awful (what happened to the good old days of expansion packs?).

What about you, what are your thoughts?



It’s good, and quite fun, but not necessarily what I wanted out of it - and that’s not necessarily a fault.

The matches were a lot more tightly controlled, you could even say scripted, than say BF2.

Honestly, my biggest beef is just that they confined vehicle spawns to powerups - a very silly and frustrating system. It also had some egregious balance issues, but hopefully those will be attended by launch or shortly after.



It has a great atmosphere and great sounds/visuals/gameplay, but it’s more like battlefield than battlefront honestly. I won’t buy it for 60, it feels like it’s more of a 40 dollar game just from the beta. It seemed unbalanced too, in terms of how the imperials are way waaayyyy easier to play on Hoth than rebels. All the pickups are lame too, for vehicles and heroes and such, plus the cards are…well unique I guess but not necessarily great.



It just seems a bit unfinished/like a demo without singleplayer or space battles, my FAVOURITE thing from the previous games… I’m going to see how it fares for the first week(s) of its release. I don’t think it’ll be good enough though.