Star Wars: The Force Awakens *SPOILERS*


So yeah, for everyone who has ALREADY SEEN IT AND IS READY TO SPOIL SOME THINGS IN THIS THREAD, what did you all think?

Personally, I thought it was entertaining, though the writing was unoriginal to the point of being painful. Litterally just chopped the first movies up into cereal bits and poured Disney milk over top of it. Of course, I’ve seen people say the exact same thing and mean it in a good way, so I’d like to see what you guys thought.



In my opinion, it was good. Not as good as the original trilogy, but better than the prequels. Thank god there was no Jar Jar. I hope if he ever appears again, it is him being strangled, mutilated, cut up, shot, beaten and stabbed. Just 20 straight minutes of that. I would pay to see that.



As I was going IN to the theater, there were people coming OUT talking about Jar Jar. To say that my jimmies were rustled at that point would have been an understatement.

Also, I had Han’s death accidentally spoiled for me three hours before I went to see the movie, by a kid who was telling me how they had accidentally spoiled it for someone else.



I’m not a Star Wars guy, but I felt it was entertaining. People keep comparing it to Ep. IV and that’s understandable, but I feel like there were enough differences in the story that they really weren’t complete direct analogs of each other. I will admit that several scenes COUGH HAN COUGH were totally predictable from miles away though.



I should probably say I’ve seen it three times(through this and that circumstance) , so it’s not that I hate the movie at all, there were just things that made it very mediocre, where if they had put just a tiny bit of thought into it, it would have been great. It was so close to being great.

“A space trooper meets a desert dweller and a Droid, and must team up with a smuggler to help the resistance defeat the evil first order and destroy their death planet”

Like, I’m pretty sure Bollywood churned out that exact same movie ten years ago.