Steam Big Picture (+ tip of the hat to BM)


Video announcing the steam big picture mode was just released! - LINK

Can finally use steam on the big screen in a new slick UI. Also the video has a tip of the hat to the blackmesa greenlight as this is the link they click on when they are browsing reddit.




That’s pretty fucking awesome. Also, the “first TV browser that doesn’t suck” is a great line.


that is EPIC


For youtubless people.

[EDIT] That BM greenlight widget is obviously not from the vid.


Great, now I’m gonna be a fat bastard never getting off the couch. Football, movies and now games all from the comfort of my couch.


Oh for shit balls sake! It just occurred to me, I have a HD TV in my bedroom. I’ll never leave my bed. I’ll be that 600lbs dude melded to his bed with fast food bags piled floor to ceiling. They’ll have to cut away a wall and remove me from the house with a fork lift.

Thanks Steam! :b


I’m gonna load this up on the media centre to see how it works.


This is interesting. Console gaming might be on the decline if this catches on.

Also, I like how two of the threads in that screenshot are attacking EA. :stuck_out_tongue:


“the whole thing is designed with controllers in mind” I stopped watching there.

I already have the perfect UI for mouse and keyboard, am not gonna switch to gay console-wannabe UI just because my living room TV is big.


Well, unless your PC is close enough to your TV, you probably won’t get too far with your mouse & keyboard.


FYI : They make keyboards and mice specifically designed for living room PC gaming. :wink:

PC Game Graphics + 60 in. TV is the perfect setup IMO.

Would try this out, but I don’t feel like lugging my 70 lb. full tower case down three flights of stairs.


This post makes no sense. If you don’t want to game in your living room, why the fuck are you watching a video about a living room UI?

There’s already a Steam UI made for kb/m. It’s called “Steam” and it works just fine on a TV as-is.


Because it’s on the internet.


I wanted to see the tip of the hat to BM but it was more of a tip of the hat to reddit.


That daisywheel thing is pretty damn clever. With some practice you can type stuff with the controller pretty quickly. Much better than the virtual keyboard thing that consoles use right now.


Out of everything on reddit, valve chose to hover over a thread concerning BM. I do not think that is coincidence.


Agreed! Bout time someone reinvented the wheel (no pun intended).


never change


You can get decent typing speeds on that type of keyboard. My psp had something called the danzeff keyboard in several homebrew programs. It made the IM’ing application usable. Once you become proficient in it I equate its speed to about that of writing. Not super fast but never feels frustratingly slow like the normal onscreen keyboard.


Does the browser inside of it seem really fast to anyone else, or is it just me?
If this had a more user friendly tab system I’d leave the Steam client a lot less.