Steam Coupon and Gift trading Thread


I guess with the release coming up, peeps would like to get rid of their dusty coupons lying around in the steam inventory.

So anybody got a Source game coupon - then post it here.
Trade suggestions should be closed in on PM, while taken offers should be posted back here.

I’ll start with a 75% off of Portal 2 coupon, valid through 14. September. Whaddayougot?


I have a Steam Community Beta Access in my inventory that I don’t want.


Ive got a community beta access

75% off portal 2 (valid through Sep. 14)

50% off Saints Row 3 DLC (note it does NOT work for the full game, valid through Sep 10)

  • Steam Community Beta Access
  • 50% OFF Any Saints Row: The Third DLC (Valid through Sep. 10th)
  • 75% OFF Portal 2 (Valid through Sep. 14th)
  • 2x 75% OFF Trine (Valid through Jan 16th '13)


Hey guys, I know this isn’t approiate to be advertises this here but I desprately want Half Life: Opposing Force to play. If anyone wants to trade that or Blue Shift for 75% off Portal 2 coupon, I would be a very happy man! Reply with your Steam name if interested. :slight_smile:

  • Steam Mobile Access


I don’t know if this is the thread for this, but whatever.

I have a Smite key, and a Portal 2 discount coupon. And i would really like a Dota 2 beta key in exchange, if anyone has one :slight_smile:


Seems like everyone sits on their Portal 2 75% off coupons! Consider mine for a trade, too xD I’m open for some exchange offers, I have no idea yet what i want xD

edith: Portal 2 Coupon valid until 14. 9, so be quick :wink:

edit v 2.0 : since my steam profile isn’t showed here: lex263


I have a code for “Aaaaaaah… For The Awesome” if anyone´s interested.
That game is fun as hell.


I have Half-Life 2: Episode 2 in my gift inventory somehow. If anyone wants it PM me. Though I doubt there’s a whole lot of people here who don’t already have it.


I don’t, I’ll take it if it’s free. I haven’t gotten any Steam coupons recently :frowning:


I have the Portal 75 % off coupon, trading for any timed pass or full game because i have no money atm


I got the first Portal game to trade and another one of those -75% Coupons for Portal 2.

I’d be interested in Dota 2 items, especially couriers :3, or just any other games.