Steam download speeds


You are also a mod now? gratz.


depending on server i choose

sweden boras to sweden malmo

Far far away

Avrage Steam download speed 13MB/s

eather way if it goes torrent i will seed for atleast 500gb


I usually get 4-5 MB/s on steam, 5 being the speed I’m signed up for on my ISP.


Hey guys I have 730kbytes/s. Can I be friends with you?


from close server:

from very far away:


The loser’s corner is over there.

I’ll meet you there.


I’d almost kill for 250KB/s.

We get around 90KB/s

That city is around 8 miles away.


omg I’m stupid. This shit shows the speed in Megabits and not in bytes.
But I’m still a loser.


How are you a loser with that speed!?


Be grateful for what you’ve got kids…



Some random place in Europe, still pretty good




Jesus, do you work at the central or something?


I dont know why my upload speed always seems to suck on those tests…
When I use torrents it’s always fine Oo
It always goes up to just about the same as the download, and at the ending it sinks like a stone :frowning:

Fiber Optics.


This is what I got.

Ping’s a bit off because I’m streaming a video.



My Friend’s (just for pure awe O.o):

(Supposedly second to the Pentagon, in terms of speed.)


holy blam what the hell

EDIT: Mine pales in comparison…






In Tokyo:

Meh… It’s good…