Steam Expands Beyond Games

Valve, in the near future will start to publish other softwares too on steam, not only games. And there is this greenlight with aug 30 release date…I think this is what the devs are waiting for.

So I suppose Source Filmmaker may be the start of disbributing other software? I wonder if it wll be Valve made software or a third party’s software they will distribute. (btw didn’t read the link, idk if that was in it)

They release third party games, I would imagine third party software would be quite likely.

yawn, just more shit that isn’t HL3 or ep3 or a quality followup to portal, I’m getting fed up with valve tbh

Have fun enjoying the smell of your own farts, asshole. Portal 2 was a great game.

Hey theres no need for that. Frankly I’m sick of the wait too

You WREAK with self-entitlement.

What I am getting fed up with Valve is, that they don’t want to implement a voluntary age verification system which keeps us germans from buying original versions of some games. And now they want to bar crossborder-gifting. Dammit Valve.

I’m not fed up with anything about Valve. I think they’re doing a good job and they should stick at it. I’ve been waiting for Ep3 since 2007 just like everybody else. And I couldn’t care less. Portal 2 was awesome, CS:GO looks cool and Steam Greenlight is a great idea. The only thing I don’t wanna see is L4D3. Ricochet 2 would be more welcome than that.

If this means we can get software at 75% off on Steam sales, I’m all for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

they will start to distribute programs made by adobe for example

Sounds pretty cool. The cloud storage part sounds very advantageous for software. I’d also like to see a dropbox style feature added to steam, but I bet valve isn’t really interested in going there.

hmm… a legal way to acquire Photoshop for 75-90% off during summer sale??


get Zbrush for 10 DOLLARS

Gimp 2 :retard:

Gimp sucks. Don’t know about Zbrush.

Gimp has it’s moments.

Maybe we can get utorrent for 80% off

when valve is doing something everyone is like
me: Is this HL3 announcement?
Gabe Newell: NOPE, this is…
me: Don’t care!

3DsMax on steam? :awesome: