[Steam release version] A map of BM's Black Mesa Research Facility


Hey all,

A few years ago, I put together an overhead map of the mod version of Black Mesa. Said map can be found in this thread: https://forums.blackmesasource.com/index.php/Thread/16538-A-map-of-BM-s-Black-Mesa-Research-Facility/. Since the steam version has come out, I took some time to make a new version of the maps (especially now that Surface Tension has been uncut). In particular, I wanted to be a lot more thorough this time around. This more or less amounted to my viewing the maps at a much closer-up scale of 4 (the originals were done at a scale of 10, for comparison), and also making sure that each map was clean of light pollution. What exactly do I mean by that? When compiling these maps, I use the cl_leveloverview command and take screenshots of the resulting top-down views. I stitch these together in paint and then there they are. But because of how lights work, it can seem like there is stuff that isn’t really there; i.e. there is material that is outside the map. If unchecked, this can block maps placed underneath it. If you look at the mod version of the maps that I made, this was actually quite prevalent.

The result is that the map is in HD! Or, at least, all of the individual maps are. Like last time, I broke it down map by map and chapter by chapter. Also, I’ve gone to the liberty of also including all of the deathmatch maps as well; you’ll find them all huddled in the lower left corner of each picture.

I also have stock versions of these overhead maps. I have differentiated between versions via s for stock and u for uncut.

I do want to point out that some of the picture files ended up being quite large (in particular, I speak of both full overhead views plus the overhead for Surface Tension). In order to get imgur to accept these files, I used jpg format instead of png format. This has possibly resulted in a loss of quality for the latter and definitely has resulted in quality loss for the former. If enough people want it, I can put up dropbox links to the original HD png files that I worked with.

I now present the map. This version features mods which uncut Black Mesa, comprising of the following:

We’ve Got Hostiles!: Vent Mod by .RK

On a Rail: Loop Mod by .RK

On a Rail Uncut by TextFAMGUY1

Overhead u:

And, of course, a version without mods:
Overhead s

And overheads by chapter and map:

Inbound = bm_c0a0a - bm_c0a0b - bm_c0a0c

Anomalous Materials = bm_c1a0a - bm_c1a0b

Unforeseen Consequences = bm_c1a1a - bm_c1a1b - bm_c1a1c - bm_c1a1d - bm_c1a1e

Office Complex = bm_c1a2a - bm_c1a2b - bm_c1a2c

We’ve Got Hostiles s / We’ve Got Hostiles u = bm_c1a3a s / bm_c1a3a u - bm_c1a3b - bm_c1a3c s / bm_c1a3c u

Blast Pit = bm_c1a4a - bm_c1a4b - bm_c1a4c - bm_c1a4d - bm_c1a4e

Power Up = bm_c2a1a - bm_c2a1b

On a Rail s / On a Rail u = bm_c2a2a s / bm_c2a2a u - bm_c2a2a1 - bm_c2a2a2 - bm_c2a2b s / bm_c2a2b u - bm_c2a2b1 - bm_c2a2b2 - bm_c2a2c s / bm_c2a2c u

Apprehension = bm_c2a3a - bm_c2a3b - bm_c2a3c

Residue Processing = bm_c2a4a - bm_c2a4b - bm_c2a4c

Questionable Ethics = bm_c2a4e - bm_c2a4f - bm_c2a4g - bm_c2a4h

Surface Tension = bm_c2a5a - bm_c2a5b - bm_c2a5c - bm_c2a5d - bm_c2a5e - bm_c2a5f - bm_c2a5g - bm_c2a5h - bm_c2a5i

Forget about Freeman = bm_c3a1a - bm_c3a1b

Lambda Core = bm_c3a2a - bm_c3a2b - bm_c3a2c - bm_c3a2d - bm_c3a2e - bm_c3a2f - bm_c3a2g - bm_c3a2h - bm_c3a2i

Deathmatch = dm_boom - dm_bounce - dm_chopper - dm_crossfire - dm_gasworks - dm_lambdabunker - dm_power - dm_rail - dm_stack - dm_stalkyard - dm_subtransit - dm_undertow


This will be super helpful for any number of things!


it… its so … beautiful! [/size]

:love: [/size]
If it isnt too much to ask, I would like inbound in high def please. It has a special place in my heart.


And that’s why I included individual map overheads plus chapter overheads. Here’s Inbound in as good of quality as I was able to manage: https://i.imgur.com/lqjxQHu.jpg


This is bloody awesome. Great work!


The comparison is really neat. You can really see where extra detail was added, and where certain out-of-sight things were culled for performance.


Through some serendipity, with how I was organizing all of these images on imgur, there’s a nice organization going on where everything is kept together. So, because it has some nice ease of access, the entire gallery is also located on my imgur:



Can’t wait to see the Xen ones :wink:


Thanks for providing the link to the whole shebang! Are these shots not shared with the imgur community? You should let others updoot it for ya. :wink:


I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to do this.
Looks amazing!


love the map. Also it is really cool how a few chapters actually have areas that are possible.


+1 year delay on the Xen overheads

You hurt your what?

If it gives you an idea, I started work on the overhead maps on the 8th. So about 11 days of work went into making these overheads.


Loving all the maps! Thank you so much! :smiley:


Beautiful work, .RK! Thank you!

Is one person enough? Haha…

Also, wondering if there’s a version of “Overhead u” that doesn’t have the deathmatch inset?

Lastly, have you ever made a version that has OaR Loop Mod, OaR Uncut, WGH Vent Mod, andSurface Tension Uncut? Your original map has Surface Tension Uncut but not Vent Mod; this one has Vent Mod but not Surface Tension Uncut. …And that’s the point where I remembered that Black Mesa retail now includes Surface Tension Uncut. Whoopsie! Well then, that means this new overhead map is everything I wanted! I had always wished the original had the WGH Vent Mod, and this version has it! WOO!