Steam Sale, December Update, and Patch Notes


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I noticed the RPG wielding grunts in surface tension actually hold the RPG now, to bad it just disappears after they fire a shot. Makes me wish there was a dedicated RPG grunt enemy like in the sven co-op mod for half life one.

Also I can not get over the red eyed vorts it just looks off.


Are there plans for the flashlight to cast shadows? Sorry, I asked this in the Steam thread, but I didn’t see an answer.


I’m preeeetty sure the flashlight casts shadows. It’s just that it’s difficult to see them because the origin of the light cone is also your player camera.


Thank you for adapting the font to Russian after 2 years, but about the painful, translation still needs serious changes. A good quarter of the game is not translated at all. Half translated incorrectly. Grammar errors, punctuation, problem with cases, etc. Can I or someone else finally fix all this for the official build of the game? The problem is generally funny, given the presence of a dozen fan translations…


Согласен. Возмите перевод с или или
Если не хотите их использовать, хотя бы скажите куда писать про ошибки перевода и недочёты, чтобы вы сами тогда правили.


I believe the plan is to eventually give the flashlight a nicer looking cookie texture (so it looks less like a bright white light and more like…a flashlight), give it its dynamic shadows back (using our new dynamic light implementation) and to also give it a slight jiggle when you walk. We just didn’t quite have the time to complete the feature in a bug free way. But…it should be ready for the Xen update, I reckon.


That sounds absolutely fantastic! Really digging the direction the game is going in.
By the way, are you ever going to have a look at climbing a ladder with your guns out? I know, it’s something that people who are familiar with Half-Life don’t even pay attention to because it’s basically of second nature, but I’ve seen a fair share of new players get confused about it, some thinking it’s a bug.
It was never the goal of Black Mesa to be a complete 1:1 remake of the original Half-Life. For example, you removed backwards sprinting because it didn’t make any sense - neither does having your guns out while climbing a ladder. I’m not asking for a super high-effort ladder climbing animation - just disabling the viewmodel while on a ladder (preferably with a quick little holster/equip animation before/after climbing) would do the job just fine. Not a priority by any means of course, but perhaps something worth looking into after the release of Xen.


That would be the color correction.

I had to admit, I was quite worried about it, but it seems to have turned out well.


I agree,and it’s more noticable in indoor locations and improves graphic a lot.Every new game is using color correction and since I play BF it’s so good to see it in Black Mesa.


glowing red eyes on vorts is still strange.


I have get to the chapter Office Complex, here are several more questions and suggestions

1.Sometimes the game will not run smoothly, seems like the fps is not stable. But I’ve noticed the fps, it’s not changed (60 fps), what caused this?

2.What is the mechanism of Xen portal lighting? Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t. Is this a setting that only in certain situation the green light will illuminate the surrounding environment, or it’s just a bug that this feature didn’t work?

3.In some area, the dynamic light is too exaggerated, e.g. the room you get the H.E.V, it’s too bright, a little glaring. Please just tone it down a little. And some lightings are weird.

That’s all so far, I’ll continue to play through the whole game again and find more doubt and problems for myself. Thank you for your explaining!


so are all the ingame lights changed to the new system or are you using old light ents still in most off earth levels


So why don’t you guys add the Assassin player model to select list? It’s already in game and fully playable, the only thing it’s missing is the gibs and sound queues.

Some people said that it’s going to be harder to see, but I’ve been playing with this mod for months now and have no problem quickscoping Dmx6 :slight_smile:


So, in a number of decompiled maps I’m seeing lights with the ‘maximum distance’ parameter set, despite my testing showing it does nothing at all. Is there a reason for this? Am I wrong?


Ohh hey! I would love to put on the svelt skin of the lovely assassins, but lets face it. I would regularly get my arse handed to me regardless of how sleek and ‘harder to see’ I would be.


When will the Beta Update be ready for implementation in the Steam Retail Version?
Still haven’t tried it yet.


I know that the muzzle flash is part of the new dynamic lighting system but it’s not working for me? Is there a way to enable it? I have everything turned on in settings


I am pretty sure the muzzleflash always had “dynamic lighting” (aka it simply lit up the lightmaps around you in a small radius, no shadows). Or did they change them to be extra fancy?


Then it’s settled. No excuses, team BMS :slight_smile:
(Just don’t end up Crucified like this guy)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: