Steam Sale, December Update, and Patch Notes


How about to fix these someday?

  1. thick laser + shooting from the head (mp) (see screenshot);
  2. enemy becomes invisible then game crashes to desktop if I kill him (happens to me all the time on this server;
  3. weapons disappearing on spawn or when picking up a shotgun (happens all the time on this server;
  4. Gman and zombie barney player model’s walking animation becomes twice faster after some time;
  5. Swimming animation while walking. Likely happens when player getting up from water using ladder. Then he flies around like a ghost, swimming in the air.
    Gameplay suggestion from me (just really personal opinion here):
  6. gauss is too overpowered and abused by many players because of that (egon is okay);
  7. crossbow reloading time is exactly the same with both half-full or empty clip (yet the animation is different - you can begin to shoot even if the animation not ended from reloading of empty clip);
  8. no spawnpoints in Gasworks at the bottom level of the map (like they were in original HL1) - because of that, bottom level feels extremely unused during the gameplay. Please add missing spawnpoints.

Thank you and keep up the good work!


In Beta they’ve already improved Tau by a huge margin. It doesn’t one shot armored opponents with minimal charge anymore, and hitting with it is much harder due to hitbox instead of bounding box. Rest are valid suggestions.


Video with the bugs I mentioned:


As I’ve said time and time again, this is looking amazing. The detail that I am seeing for the final stage of Black Mesa is going to leave me breathless and a little teary-eyed. Again I will not ask when it will be released (I’m hoping this year) but I must say that with the shot of the Gonarch alone is making me excited to play it. The amount of maps and the sizes of them are all amazing to even fathom since we had to deal with only what Valve was able to do with HL1. Now I am hoping we see a beautiful end scene with the G-Man and maybe some added stuff that wasn’t in the original ending before (I’m not really asking for this but it would be interesting to see) like Eli Vance escaping with Alyx in his arms, the nuking of Black Mesa, etc. I am confident to see how you guys finish the game and I really cant wait to see the Nihilanth in all of his glory!


Is there any new info to share with all the loyal financial supporting fans in here?


Not currently, but I’m sure as soon as there is we will get a post about it.


The forum spam is back, rip in rest

Aside from that, nice work on the update.


doubt this is the right place to post it but I found a funny bug in the current public beta.

scientist in stable is in the tram in beta is bellow.

this is actually a common bug in the beta a lot of things seem to be miss alined now for some reason. like a camera moved a few inches to the left or right, biggest example is the camera on the button area in the test chamber.

EDIT: another one where a scientist is miss alined.

along with that there is a light that I noticed something strange with, not sure if it is a bug or what.

what was going on is depending on angle this light will either A spew RGB lines or B show its normal blue light, this is minor and almost a nitpick but it might point to something else.


Please, make a thread about the progress of this game. Everyone asks for it. Q1 will end in 3 days.


So, we are now in the second quarter of 2018. Is there any word on the progress of the zen release to your loyal paying customers?


Pretty sure Zen is already out. Check the AMD site for their Ryzen CPUs.


I have a few suggestions from the current beta:

  1. Please tone down the Vortigaunt red eye glow. I am fine with it being there, but it’s so obnoxious as to be blinding.
  2. The houndeye color should be changed back to the bright color it used to be. I don’t like things that are different
  3. I understand the crossbow scope is a placeholder. That’s fine. When implementing it properly, please do something with the way sensitivity orks. For some reason in the latest retail version it feels really weird to use.

Overall a good update. I really like the new effects.


I did, and like how it corrected Xen to Zen, autocorrect changed AMD to PMD and I got information on the rapper


In the end we all won.


By the way, I saw no mention of this little update on this forum, which is weird:

An update on Xen and the engine patch.


I wonder why it was not posted in here as well?


They have abandoned us.


at least you’re here and we love you


Love you guys too. You like my children. One minute I wanna ban ya, the next I wanna hand out cookies.


you could do both, and then feel guilty about both, and then wonder if you are being a bad parent, and then decide you aren’t bad at all