Steam Sale, December Update, and Patch Notes


oh my gawd this is my real life!! :s ob:lol:parentgoals:

I just noticed, we are chatting it up in the steam sale thread and should probly stop else a dev will come in and ban us both. 8|


The HOT FIX is out, get it while it’s hot.


Feels good that the patch is out but i won’t burden my SSD with this. When it lands on the official branch, i’ll sure install it. It may take more than “a few days” though, as i see people complaining about some bugs on this hotfix.
Nice having it though!


My HDD is currently being penetrated with 1.9GB od update data for Black Mesa over Steam.

I have a hunch that the new Xen isn’t packed within a 2GB file size…


So I tried out the recent update to the beta real quick. The dynamic shadows issue with my AMD card has been resolved. Yay!
But the controls feel extremely wonky…like really slow and heavy. It’s pretty unpleasent atm. Is that normal?

EDIT: Upon further playing, I think the movement is fine. I think it felt strage because I played other fps games since. felt so damn diffrent.


I had just fired it up as well, and the controls DID feel a little weird. I use a tiny trackball to play, it felt as if the game was running in Vsync and there was a feel of very very slight input lag, but as if it felt heavy to pan from left to right. I checked my settings and vsync was in fact on, and I changed my sensitivity a bit to get it back to normal responsiveness. I don’t know if the update possibly reset any settings as far as vsync and mouse. After restarting it though and making the changes it felt fine, but at first run… it most definitely felt different.


It’s been over a month since we’ve got a meaningful update regarding XEN or the bug fixes. Have any big bugs been fixed?


Fine, I get it that the devs get asked these questions a lot, but to dislike them whenever they’re asked… I mean, the folks who ask them just show that they still like the development of the game.
Isn’t it better to have people ask about the development of the game rather than just let the forum die because nobody discusses anything anymore?


You are aware that the devs are working on the game. Time spent responding to the " Give us updates on the game that you’re working on, are you working on the game that you’re working on, show us some media and screenshot of the game that you’re working on, are you fixing the bugs in the game that you’re working on " plethora of endless nonsense questions is a waste of time. That time is better spent working on the game.

As for the forum dying what a ridiculous statement. The end result is the game and that’s what people want and that is what the devs are working on.
Thankfully they are not wasting valuable time responding to every nonsense question that is asked.[/size]


Sorry hate to disagree but RED EYE, the forums are dying. The fact that the devs respond more to posts on the steam forum is evidence of that. The fact that none of the patch notes have been posted here for a while shows that. No this place is more or less dying.


What’s up with the font? It just makes it harder to read what you’re trying to say.
I am aware that the devs are working on the game, however not everyone else is due to not that much communication.


[sup]T[/sup][sub]h[/sub]e point[/size] I was[/size] trying to make was not very clear. [sup]The[/sup][sub] forum [/sub]is not the game and the death[sub] of[/sub] [sup]it[/sup] will not change anything.

The devs respond to posts on Steam because that is home for the Steam Version of the game and the location of the majority of all the paying customers. That is also where all the funding for the game comes from.


So… We should all stop posting on the forum I guess?
But didn’t you just say that the devs shouldn’t respond to posts and instead spend time working on the game?


Ok first USE NORMAL TEXT. It is like reading a kindergartners writing you even used comic sands in the post before which is a sin on the internet.

Also that is dodging the point. Most people here are paying customers aswell, while we are not intitled to news and media about xen we atleast deserve the patch notes and updates. MOST PLAYERS AVOID STEAM FORUMS. In all games but this one that I Have seen. And once again you are dodging the point and actually making things worse.


What is the point i keep dodging.[/size]


What childishly odd thing to take away from this conversation.


So having someone to waste 20 minutes of his life every 30 days, to post an update about something that some other people paid for, is too much?

The question was simple. I didn’t demand any pictures, trailers, sneak peak videos or to explain some difficult concept. It was “if any of the big bugs have been fixed?”.
And the answer would be something along the lines of :

“Yes we’ve fixed some animation bugs, but we’re still working on the flashlight bug.”

Which is something that does NOT demand uploading pictures, editing videos or being careful in constructing the form of what they’re about to say (as they do in big updates).
Tough to grasp, i guess?


You just called it a waste and that’s exactly what it is, sad thing is I bet you think you’re entitled to it.

I gave them money to help fund the game. I did not pay them for updates or patch notes.

Tough to grasp, i guess?


thing is I know from experience it takes 5 seconds to copy paste the updates from one forum to another. Both REDeye and his likely alt redeye9 forget one thing. They are posting the updates to the damn steam forum.


I never really needed any reason to thumb-down “when-xen” posts than that they are mildly annoying. It’s a downvote, it’s not like I put out a hit on anyone.

The forums have definitely gone downhill, but I don’t think this is necessarily due to either the suppression of when-Xen posts or the posts themselves. I’m posting big long development dissertations and getting at best one or two responses, people just aren’t there. Really, it feels like I’m the only one doing any sort of mod development here, at least that’s posting about it; there’s external stuff like RTSL’s contest maps and JamaicanDave’s maps being posted to the workshop but I have no idea where it’s coming from or how it was developed.

If anything is responsible for this in terms of the game it’d be that there’s a lot about the engine still restricting what modders can do, but looking at what’s coming out about the necessary code additions required to get Xen off the ground I honestly think the developers are doing exactly the right thing by focusing exclusively on the Xen-necessary features and not fixing the other stuff. To do otherwise would invalidate most of their own fixes whenever they added a Xen feature, we did that with some in-house simulation software at the lab where I work and it has been, to use a technical term, hellish trying to keep the system both polished and up-to-date with the required basic features.

I don’t blame the developers for neglecting the forums as a result. Of course they are going to post where the activity is. And I don’t think the developers posting on these forums instead would do much of anything to bring them back.

That’s all I have to say on the matter, as I much prefer to actually interact with Black Mesa in a productive manner.