Steam Sale, December Update, and Patch Notes


And you are free to do that yourself instead of whining about it.


Great, now there’s arguing.

Regardless of whether the Devs use this forum or the Steam one.

I checked both, last update was a month ago, on May 1st.

I am not going to beg them to post an update, i want them to want to post an update.

I just find it hard sometimes to believe that there is so much real paid job work and game work that there’s no room left for copying the list of changes the keep track of.


Then again, i’m an adult now and begging to understand how crappy it gets to have less time in the day


Well, speaking for myself, if i was in the position of the devs, i’d definitely post updates at least once a month.

i) it would serve as a break to the crushing routine of either writing code, mapping, moddeling or testing/crunching the game for bugs.
ii) it would serve as a medium to communicate with people that love this game and have also paid some money. It would made those people happy. Something i’ve always written in the devs’ updates. Even a small progress update would do.


Right, time to put an end to this. Downvotes are downvotes. Don’t whinge about them. They don’t matter. Posting “STOP ASKING FOR DEVELOPMENT UPDATES” or jumping down the throats of someone asking for an update is considerably worse than the people asking for the updates. It derails and clutters up the threads, as evidenced by the conversation prior to this. From now on, this will now be a temp bannable offense. If someone’s post upsets you, post a constructive reply, or downvote it, or report it if you must, or don’t post anything at all. We appreciate people trying to stand up for us or whatever, but we got this. Keep it constructive or don’t have a conversation on our forums at all.

Regarding posting public updates, there are a few key elements to understand here.

Firstly, we are insanely bogged down with work at the moment. The team is working harder than we’ve ever worked, and we have been for quite a long period of time now. I’m often getting up at 8am and working until 11pm, ALL WEEK. Xen is absolutely shaping up fantastically well and we’re driven both by excited motivation and by…well, this damn thing has to be finished at this point, let’s put it like that. We tend not to want to post things publicly that won’t be revealed until Xen is out - preferring only to talk about stuff that will be released soon in updates, or things we know are safe. Which we have been doing, constantly…on the Steam forums.

Secondly, these forums are really rather dead. The reasons for that are multiple and are almost irrelevant to this discussion. I check these forums daily and reply where I see fit, but there’s VERY RARELY anything worthwhile to reply to. I do the same with the Steam forums, which are considerably more active. We’ve actually been considering retiring these forums for a while now, which would break my heart, but it’s quite possible that they’ve served their purpose at this point. We’re considering several avenues - using the Steam forums only, opening a Discord, etc etc. But it’s hard to think about at the moment when we’ve got so much XEN on the brain. It can come after.

Thirdly, our last update was a month ago because that’s when our last update was. Our public releases tend to trickle out rather slowly for a variety of reasons, but we don’t plan on having another public update for a while now. The imminently pressing issues with this particular release have been addressed in some form or another, via workarounds or small patches we’ve been pushing. Again, the Steam forums are really the place to go to keep your finger on the pulse of that one.

There’s not really much to update apart from “WE ARE VERY HARD AT WORK ON XEN AND BUG FIXES,” and let’s be honest, me constantly posting that really starts to look like lip-service beyond a point. This is an unfortunate consequence of us trying to keep things secret, for the most part. We think it will be worth it, in the end. Hence why we are keeping our heads down and getting on with it. We’ll update publicly when we have something to show, and not before. We know that sucks for some fans who want more updates and more media and have been waiting patiently a long time. We’re simply doing what we think is right.


Thanks for the reply, Chon.

I always believe that most of people those keeping asking information about Xen are just preferring to know what you guys are doing during the past time rather than showing out a screenshot or something else to the pubic. Though you guys are actually tired of answering the same content, XD.

For me, currently I just only want to know two things, I hope I can get a answer here:

  1. You guys mentioned that you will probably do another engine update before Xen drops. Will this plan still be launched as scheduled, or it has already been cancelled? If it remains, what contents does this engine update have? More new features or just bug fixes?

  2. Will you guys push the Xen contents to the mainline branch directly, or you need to release them to the public beta branch first, for the deep testing?

I’d be glad if you can solve my questions!


One response I would like to see that would actually be helpful in determining the direction I want to go with mods is what the Black Mesa team’s plans are after Xen is released and reasonably stable- a yea or nay on stuff that’s been on modders’ wishlists for a good long while like map-specific playermodels and custom LCSs. Other than that, I’m totally happy with the way the game is developing.

  1. This will be launched, yeah. Probably not for quite some time. We want to finalise and stabilise everything engine related before we get it out. So it probably won’t happen until Xen is completely 100% code locked. What you have right now is probably…75% of the picture. Following that, bugfixes ONLY, based on public feedback.

  2. Not sure. Public beta probably.

We have zero idea on our priorities post-Xen currently. “Play it by ear” is the most likely outcome. The things you’ve listed are things we are aware of and would like to deal with, but it’s really dependent on our workload post-Xen.


The only problem i see really, is that there is a planned release date for Xen, one that everyone hopes for/aims for.

I would like to know what is the realistic release date. One that takes into account real job, family, friends, taking breaks, possible accidents and other predictable events.
All those things that can delay the game. What would such a release date be?




Everytime someone asks about it, it delays it another month. By estimation, I think we are now looking at Novemburary 2032. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I get that is a joke but please do not give red eye more ammo for his hate.


Awesome, that’s my birthday! :thumbsup:


Still my favorite Cateyes post of all time and it’s s[/size]till just as true today as it was on June 3, 2015.[/size]

Any News on Xen?[/size]