Stides' Black Meas Sauce Remake

This is probably what it would look like.

More like

^ Yeah that’s probably right.

This community will make a WTF messup mod for Black Mesa

Will be called: Stides mesa source.

Can i be a stides meas sauce beta tester plz
could look like that

ye me too!!1

Can’t wait to see Stide’s next gen engine “Stide’s Next Gen Engine” engine.

It sounds more like a brand of hot sauce than a mod!

More like this

Stides should make a facebook page and say: “2,000,000 likes and mod will release”

I would like his fb page if it said like this if you don’t want it to release.

I would totally like a stides meas black sauce

What the fuck is this stides thing?

Some people have less life than I do ? Unbelievable …

Stides is a really talented developer who works for Valve now. He made a Half-Life remake that was better than Black Mesa, and did so in 6 months time. He’s pretty much a legend.

Edit: Ninjas, man.

He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule once and gave us the opportunity to actual ask him some questions. Needless to say, all the BM developers were there taking notes as fast as they could. I wouldn’t say he’s a legend, he’s really more like a god.

Oh so it’s some guy, ok.