Strange ”headcrabbed” weapon model


i couldnt find the category for this so i posted it here,anyway i was playing in sfm and had the black mesa content pack dlc on it,i looked into the weapon models and saw something named ”weapons/headcrabbed” and the model was gordons hands holding a headcrab like he catched is right when it was about to land on his face,its sequences were intresting too,it had an attack sequence where the headcrab was moving back and forward from gordons head,the main question here,what is this?Is it a cut thing from the game or?



I believe this was a cut feature where the developers planned to have headcrab attacks be much more threatening in that Gordon had to literally stop the headcrab mid-leap and force him to melee it to death. However it was buggy and apparently un-fun, so the feature was cut during development.



Yea sometimes great features are being cut off. Very sad though because it gives some variety and special flavor. My friend enjoy glitches and keep seeking for them every game he play…