Suggestion: make the final vent higher in "We've Got Hostiles"

I don’t expect a full-fledged “Vent Mod” (which is very cool BTW) but it really bugs me that after using several elevators to travel many floors upwards, you return to the starting point with such a short vent. It doesn’t make sense and it wasn’t even like that in the original HL. So please BM devs, consider making it somewhat more realistic, by having to take another fall or two later on, for example (no vent maze necessary!).

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The Map in Half life is correct that you go back down using the vents… What is missing from the chapter is.

When you go into the bunker it is meant to be a security office down there for the gate above with the health and Hev chargers. Dead Security guard also. This design is in the Alpha. Also of note Red lights in some of the vents are missing. The Vent access Door is also a nice Feature.

Now several plot points are missing which made there way into an official mod called Half Life Chronicles.

You were meant to meet a couple of scientist on the way. First one says “Have you seen (insert name) he never came back… Nevermind he was’nt that important anyway.”

Then you meet a zombie scientist.

Then you meet another scientist who explains about getting a keycard so you can get into the office at the end of the chapter so you can open the Silo door.

You find the “Keycard”

This does not mean the whole mod “Half Life Chronicles” should be included just that you meet a couple of scientist on the way to the security office with the Silo door but you cannot get in without the “Keycard”

The other 2 things which are small details are blueprints for a section of the building / facility and a Elevation Ordanence survey Map of the surface terrain. I would put the keycard with this items of interest after a small fight.

The best thing to do would be to weave these elements in to what exists in Half Life completing the mapping of the chapter rather than left unfinished as it is in retail Half Life.

That way Black Mesa “Wins” and won’t never be beaten.

You can also see the scientist in the security office at the end is not meant to be in there.

If the plot is missing and the Argument is it’s boring the only way to resolve the issue is restore the plot and the Vents and small missing areas and it won’t be boring anymore it will be much better if the story is not absent

The execution scene is Good from Vent Mod and I would vouch for that also.

Half Life Chronicles seems to be a jumble of missing areas from the game strung together and made to work by the team who created it. But if feels so very Half life because it is some missing portions. Also of note is the missing Tram fight at the end but that is not part of we’ve got hostiles it could be a missing part part of on a rail though.

Actually the bit about “have you seen Dr Benton?” These Labs looks like it’s from anomolous materials.

The Gman scene looks like from questionable ethics. “Watch yourself Gordon”

So it is only the keycard part fron we’ve got hostiles with a slew of others added in from other parts of the game to make this Mod. But it is cool to see the unused stuff.

The cut part of we’ve got hostiles is obvious though as it has the right textures.

I have seen a video clip or still image somewhere and I am struggling to track it down of Gordon falling through a vent Shaft… I thought about this and as you are quite right even if the Vent with the fan Blade was included as an extra portion of descent this would not suffice to take us back to the original Depth.

If it was the Case that we had to drop through a shaft??? Then the conclusion I can gather is that we landed through the ceiling in the Flooded warehouse from the Alpha Design. This area would actually be interesting as it could have floating boxes and retain the Bullsquids swimming and so on. Having to get out the water and then I assume make your way back through another Vent to the Fan trap.

I have concluded that the missing parts of We got Hostiles are contained within Half Life Uplink Surface Section the corridor with the security office and the Alpha only now… And have written of Half life not containing anything of particular importance but some good ideas and not opposed to the influence of some of those ideas either just that I think It perhaps could be used for some design but does not entirely fit design where as uplink does fit entirely and Presents the Electric Fence as an Obstacle but also gives an opportunity to see the Army moving in like a couple Apache’s Flyover but then also presents the opportunity to Introduce the Osprey and the troops Landing within the area. I would use the Detonation scripted sequence to break into the Back Door of the Warehouse (where elevator shaft was) and continue the Chapter from this point.

In the Alpha we have a Flooded Warehouse and this has to be what is at the end of the level before we go to the Fan trap and all it’s little offshoots that join the first map.

The Security office in Uplink the Door is Locked you can only get in from the Vent behind the Coke Machine. It is another Puzzle but the keycard is in there.

Having the puzzle warehouse from uplink instead of the Osprey fight is in a way better because you can put trip mines in the shaft of the elevator as a trap as you ascend.

Nothing would be lost only gained and It would need a bit of filling in and imagination but It would be a much better chapter for it. More Action more fun and make more sense. There is no Shortage of content for this chapter to be restored.

Uplink surface section re-imagined in a similar style to this would be the way to go…

But without the Dish…