suggestion: Vort retreat


Was playing through half life and then black mesa and noticed something. In half life there where times I could pop a vort a few times and they would run, once they ran they would not return to fight like ever. I know this would likely be to much work for to little but it could be cool to see it come back in black mesa and actually be referenced.

CONCEPT: vorts brought bellow 75% will enter a flee state, in this state they will run for cover or look to find other vorts. IF they find another vort the other one will use the half life 2/ EP2 recharge animation and heal up their ally. If they can not find one they will stay running.

Late game scene involving this mechanic

location: Lambda core near the gluon gun firing range.

area: a guard with a shotgun stands outside a locked door inside you can see a scientist removing the slave bands from a LIVE vort. The guard upon seeing you.

Guard: Hey freeman is it, Dr. [name] told me to inform you and anyone else that comes in. Don’t shoot the alien slaves to kill. Aim to wound. These things seem to not want to fight us.

Gaurd(seconds use): I Know right, it is insane Don’t shoot the walking tasers with intent to kill. I mean these things have taken out a good chunk of our staff but it is like they are being ordered.

Guard: Oh, I would head with you but uh the old man back there said he would firebomb my house if I left my post. I am quite inclined to believe he would.

guard: If you want some firepower Dr. [name] Across the way might have something for you. Though I will warn you that gun of his would be better mounted to a tank then being hand held.


durning the game, if the player hits a vort once with a revolver it will send them into the flee state, allowing them to save ammo if they do not headshot. Soldiers will use this flee state to more easily pepper the target. though vorts will not enter this state when near a grunt or controller.