Summer Update 2018


pardon me, but the only thing I said is that I am not amused by an update, that tells us little to no info. It’s not a perfect world where screenshots will amaze everyone. You’ve got to leave your comfort zone and accept the fact, that people have diffirent opinions than you.

As for the main post itself, what does an “art” phase mean? Most of the designers work on sole “art” process mostly at the beginning of their work, rather than at the last part of it, so I guess you meant something diffirent. Perhabs some level geometry works?



[BMS] DIGITAL SPORTS [developer] 8 hours ago
Art is the fifth stage of our development cycle. Our development stages for each chapter roughly has been:

Plan, Iterate, Blockout, Gameplay, Art, Polish.

The art phase means the levels are considered gameplay complete and are being given an art pass by modellers/texture artists, as well as a sound and effects pass. When we are doing the art pass, we always have a reasonably clear picture of what we want the level to look like (via references and concept art), and then the art pass’s job is to shoot for that standard.

end quote


I haven’t heard of or seen a single game development pipeline where art comes first. That makes absolutely no sense.

It’s fine if you didn’t like the update, but I’m not really sure what you want or expect, or even hope to achieve by posting that. We posted some new media from our work and elaborated on EXACTLY where Xen stands in terms of development, with a detailed breakdown of EXACTLY where each chapter and map is at. I’m not really sure how much else could even be revealed in an update without spoiling everything.


I think some people might be conflating “art” with “concept art” in this thread.


So hyped! Great work Crowbar Collective. Any chance of a Xen soundtrack tease anytime soon?


This is one of the most detailed updates we’ve ever gotten, it’s broken down quite nicely. I’m amazed that I’ve been coming here for so long and people still surprise me with the stuff they complain about. It’s cool if you don’t care about non playable-content updates but don’t try and pretend there’s no info in it, ya silly geese.

I forgot to mention it before but, really appreciate the detailed update, CC. It all looks beautiful and it’s nice to see you guys being super transparent about the status <3


Now that’s everything i wanted to know. Thank you, Chon!




Ooh, this is great! I love the way the Gonarch level looks. Also looking forward to learning more about what that Nihilanth scene is actually depicting!


more hype than part 5

I’m seriously amazed at this. Besides looking amazing, this marks the end of a how many year journey? I know the earliest work dates back to like 2005 right? Even as someone who’s only been a Half-Life fan since the initial release and actually got into HL and shooters because of it (as it was free, and my parents wouldn’t let me buy the original when I was 13 lol), it still feels momentous. The fact that we’ll get a version of Xen that doesn’t suck donkey dick honestly seems like a small bonus to the fact that it came out at all.

It’ll also probably be the last new Half-Life content ever released, so that’s at least going out on a good note.


I would like to know if some devs were so nice to answer.
The original release date was 2009, obviously missed. Then we got the mod version without Xen in 2012.

Was any work on Xen done whatsoever in 2009 when the original release date was supposed to be?
Because 2012 made it seem like Xen was yet to start any proper development.

So my question is, was Xen ‘done’ in 2009-2012, but you devs decided to completely redo it XXX times since, rather than release what you had, or was it simply not done? Thank you.


Chon’s (?) post on Facepunch makes me think the first work on Xen was on 2012:


Yep, that’s me. I think it covers pretty much all the questions about that topic.


That’s interesting food for thought. I’d love to see some of the prototype “faithful” Xen maps some day if they still exist.


I would really love to see some in-game Developer commentary in future, I would even buy it if it was available as DLC. Could be really cool if done as NPC scientist companion, which will travel with player and made comments about maps and development. I would also imagine if he could make some funny comments about player gameplay or map interactions.


Maybe I‘m wrong, but I always had have the impression that the devs are allready working on Xen in the pre release phase. So in first Place I was astonished that the Xen release didn‘t show up. I reckon to remember that raminator said something like that he don‘t want to spoil Xen and that it shall be something special and ways beyond the orgirignal experience… similar to your goals today. After reading textfamguys post, I guess there were a lot of misunderstandings and of course a failure of communication.
Anyways I‘m glad Xen is looking so gorgeous and seems to be on a good way to get finished in a reasonable timeframe.


Every screenshot and bit of info on Xen just gets me more excited to finally play it. These screenshots look beautiful, i’m still having trouble believing this is the source engine.
My only question is, will we still end up riding on one of those mata rays at some point? Because flying threw these environments would be pretty cool.
I know the answer to any Xen question is “wait and see” but no matter what you guys have done i’m sure it’ll be fantastic and i’m hoping that it’ll be playable before the end of this year. Though, of course, I know these things take time, but it does seem like the end is within sight with how much seems complete.


Hey, just wanna pop in and say that these screenshots look killer. Great redesign of the site, too.


Yeah I like it. Neat!
To nitpick:

The menu bar isn’t visible in smaller web resolutions (mobile)[/size]

The move to top icon overlaps the steam icon.[/size]

The wiki link (that the menu has) links to which isn’t used.

And the favicon.ico is missing.