Summer Update 2018


Can you just not post at all? Seriously at this point I think you are just picking and choosing what you are reading so that you get the worst view possible.


If you don’t like negativity, then you’ve got the wrong adress. Xen was anticipated for 6 years mind you, so expect negative comments. And it’s not a discussion, if everybody agrees with anything you say. Like I said once, grow up man.


Actually it has been less then that, durning the time in which they informed us that hey it will be on steam. They noted that xen was not well possible how they wanted with the mod version. So I would say 3 at the most as far as news and work has gone. and they have told us that stuff. If you expected anything different well that is on you.


What does this post contribute? What did you hope to achieve by writing this? I have no issue whatsoever with negativity, but it needs to be constructive, and facilitate some kind of discussion. None of what you’ve posted does that. You’re just being needlessly negative for the sake of it.

Put some interesting substance into your posts please. Pretty much everything you’ve contributed thus far has been needlessly antagonistic, and it’s wearing thin.


You realise a LOT of games are done from scratch over two years? And that a ton of the work was already from the earth parts of BM? Making two years a pretty solid development run for xen?


Do you have any concept of exactly how long it takes to design and create a game of this size? Doom 2016, for example, took 8 years to make. In this post, TextFamGuy stated that Xen will equate to 30% of the game. For a game as large as Black Mesa, with a development time as long, I’d say 2 years at this point is pretty damn good for working on the final 30%. Also keeping in mind the Crowbar Collective isn’t exactly the same size as a triple-A development team.

EDIT: My bad for quoting a bit of an older part of the discussion. That was the post I was directed to when I clicked on my notification, and I didn’t even question it.


I find that no matter what the devs have said, you’d like to post negativity here.

Please don’t use the so-called “having waited for 6 years” as an argument point. Everyone here has waited for 6 years since 2012, and you think there is only you one guy?

Yes, I must admit that it’s really a long time and we all feel very disappointed about the delay and many people like me here have given our full vent to the dissatisfaction to the devs, but this dissatisfaction has already gone away by now after such a long time.
We have got many updates about the Xen progress in the past months, and at least for me, they’ve made me feel very happy with how the Xen chapters look like now and it worths the wait.

I reported some bugs to the community during these time, either. It’s a little contribution to make the game better, I think I’ve made.
This is much more meaningful than simply complaining.

Be a little optimistic please, keeping complaining the same thing is a very childish behavior.


I’m late to the party but I just want to say how MIND BLOWING…LY AWESOME those screenshots look. I saw the thumbnail, thought “oh neat concept art” and after enlarging my jaw dropped. I cannot stress how cool they look. I know you are releasing for free on top of black mesa, but I honestly wish it was dlc because it looks like you deserve the extra cash.


Yeah, I would pay again, they more than deserve every penny.
But I just hope once Xen is done, it’s not all over improving the game.

Just personally I would like to see On a Rail Uncut finished and officially implemented, perhaps a few of the older assets here and there redone to make them look on part with the rest and something be done about the Multiplayer portion of the game, it still needs a few tweaks here and there and it’s basically dead and I just wonder if it will come to life once the game is fully released or stay dead…


I think it can’t be released as a DLC, because it’s an early access game, only the “finalized games” are allowed to have DLC, but don’t know how this works.


It will not be DLC. It is included with the game.


Not that I would necessarily complain if the Black Mesa team started releasing DLC or expansion packs for the game post-Xen… I’d actually shell out a good bit of IRL money for such, in fact.




yeah but you know what fills me with optimism

Stop pretending that the Black Mesa devs are secretly grabbing these images from an alternate timeline for giggles. Xen is still going to happen, you’re just gonna have to be a little more patient.


Are we looking at this year or next?


Maybe at Half-Life’s 20th anniversary. This year, maybe.


That would be awesome. we shall see.
Also, shout out to RedEye9 for the dislike. Predicable, Consistent, Droll. Don’t ever change man!
And to 9seed and darkone, Sorry, you two are late to the party. no candy for you, but hey, thanks for the dislikes. I am sure you made your mom proud


honestly it’s looking more and more like a christmas release to me. But then again, I don’t think working yourself up over a release date is worth it. It will release eventually, and knowing when is not going to shorten the wait time.

i think.


Reading again the first post, i believe they’ll have a late August/Early September release. Hopefully XEN and Gonarch’s Lair are finished by now (nearly 1 month after the post) and Interloper/Nihilanth/Endgame are 1 step away from completion.


Black Mesa is having a booth in the Retro Game Con in Nov and doing a dev marathon stream, during the Half-Life’s 20th anniversary.

So the game would be finished before that time, cuz they need to prepare for the event. Fixing the bugs, improving the game then releasing a less-bug relatively perfect game would be the best choice.

After all, taking an unfinished game to the convention or using an unfinished game to do a live stream (especially in the status that the HL2, EP1, EP2 are all completed) is something that will make the guests and audiences feel strange and unavoidably disappointed. You can’t tell the audiences that “Oh, we’re very sorry but Xen is not done, so now we’ll skip this part and go on our HL2 journey” in the live stream.
Isn’t that ridiculous?

Of course these are all my guess, it all depends on their schedule, planning and actual situation. But I do believe that CC will do their best and give us a good answer when everything is ready.