Summer Update 2018


Not… really? Black Mesa certainly plays and is structured like a complete, polished game, and there is more than enough content for a playthrough.


As a new season approaches, the air is cooler and the leaves are gradually turning to their fall colors, I was wondering if there was any new info on the final portion of this game?


Of course not ;D


Need a Fall 2018 Update thread, FAST!

Keep it simple and no pics or videos/trailers.


Half-Life Birthday: Nov 19

Most likely an update will come in November, with the devs both going to a convention and Half-Life’s birthday is around that time, too.

That’s not what was implied.


why are you wasting time replying when there are so many other replies to dislike?


There will be an update at some point in the reasonable future. Currently as a team we all just have our heads down and are grinding, grinding, grinding.


*Having fun


What do you mean when you say ‘an update’?



Jokes aside, I imagine it’s probably just going to be something simple. The team is probably too focused on completing the game to set time aside to do anything incredibly fancy. I’m open to surprises though.


So most likely it will be another blog post highlighting their progress, and a few more screenshots.


Quite frankly if this doesn’t at least come out for Half-Life 20th birthday, I’m moving on. I bought the EA the day after it came out on steam, been following you guys since 2007, I’m just tired to wait honestly… And I was one to always defend the delays thinking it was for the best


So if it does not come out on some magical arbitrary date that you picked out of thin air you’re just gonna stomp your feet and call it quits.
ok, whatevs


If you’ve already bought the Early Access, there’s not really any point to “boycotting” the game if it doesn’t come out when you want it to. You already own the game, you already paid for it, why not just enjoy it when it arrives?


well if he didn’t play it, he can ask for a Steam refund.


I am really beginning to think the internet has removed peoples ability of wait for things. Where the quotes. “These things, they take time.” If you are working to get something as close to perfect as possible it will take time. Think of it like working on a hobby because that is what the devs are doing. You can rush it and finish it in a few days but it will be janky broken and likely fall apart. Or put you all in it and take a few months (this is based on a simpler hobby) and have something near perfect.

There is another quote “A rushed project is a doomed project.” Just remember that. The game industry seems to forget it yearly.


Don’t misunderstand what i’m going to say because i waited, and i’m gonna continue waiting patiently for Xen, take as much time as you need. In any level of making a game as an amateur or in a professional way, do not place time limits if you can’t fulfill them and them miss them at least twice!!!, after that asking fan’s to wait is to much for fan’s to have the patience for that , they will be very angry but make the fan’s wait and them deliveres a big piece of S%&& is worst. I don’t know what’s worst a rushed game or a delaying game again and again before raising the spectations and lose a lot of fan’s before the release of the final game. I got angry both times it was delayed but i get it why it was delayed again and again, Better deliver a spectacular Xen part!!!


Thank You


as opposed to just going on disliking sprees?