Summer Update 2018




Couldn’t find any other place where to ask, how can I delete my account?


You can’t, there’s no leaving this place, you’re stuck here forever



I am pretty sure I can do that for you. But are you sure you want to be completely erased from this forum?


As we rapidly approach the end of november, I am curious if there is an update. Also, inb4 RedEye dislikes this reply


Meta commentary on the likes and dislikes of your posts is the #1 way to get more people to dislike them you know

#2 way is begging for BM updates


Thanks for the AP lesson in forum replies professor obvious


How are you not banned already?


Probably because everyone with anything at all better to do just tunes the whole thing out.


Pretty sure we’re going to get a progress report on the 19th.
Also, why are you so abhorrent to receiving dislikes?


1: you aren’t in charge here.
2: Asking polite questions on topic in a thread is not a bannable offence
3: See #1 and #2

  1. becides the point.

  2. there was nothing polite about your question, you typed it as a passive agresive post with an out right bait at the end. IT was designed to cause well what I am doing a backlash against you.

  3. Seriously you just put a number three as another bait.


Thank you for that concise answer.

I’m not, but I do like pointing out serial dislikers


1: No, It is highly relevant as you are the only person here mentioning banning me. So maybe laying off the mini-modding.
2: maybe consider the fact that as of me writing this, you are the only person who is so angry at me replying that you post full of grammatical and spelling errors. Let me suggest meditation and yoga to clear your mind and calm you, thus lessening your anger at random internet denizens with fake names
3: If you do not swallow it, hook line and sinker, can it truly be bait?


DarkOne are you one of those SJW/micro-aggression kiddos?

Cause you’re making it such a big deal. Ban someone just cause he asked a question? And then you try to justify your extreme measure (the ban) by saying he had a bait!
It was a fucking joke! Suck it up and move on ffs!

Hopefully we’ll get the update in the next 48 hours.
It would be great if we got it today though!


Wow that is a leap in logic, No the fact is John is a passive agressive ass who insults anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This is something I can’t stand as people like that tend to be bad people in my experience. And This isn’t the first nore the last time teh guy has posted something that was either and obvious troll or bait.

Seriously just read the guys first post.

The first half starts out ok. I have no problem with it and if the guy had just stuck to that I wouldn’t have a problem. But then it devolves into a dislike bait.


Yeah he was kind of literally tagging the guy so that he would see it. There’s no need for that.


Yeah, seriously, don’t freak out and then call other people SJWs for noticing the fact that you freaked out.


There are REAL things to worry about in life; a dislike/like/fakebook “friend” are not one of those things.[/size][/size]
TLDR Grow Up dude[/size]