Summer Update 2018


So, I should ignore the years long forum internet tradition of calling out folks and their easily predictable responses. As in the last bunches of replies. Their dislikes are as predictable as republican hate mongering.


Serial dislikers will see it anyway. Hence the inb4. I mean, bro, do you even know how to internet?


He wasn’t freaking out. the butthurt folks callin for a ban for asking questions are the ones freaking out.


1: this isn’t real life. it is a video game forum,
2: says the serial disliker


Sweety, did you stop taking your ritalin?


Way to put down the neurodivergent bro. Do you still use “retard” as an insult?


Bans have been delivered and I deleted a bunch of off-topic replies. Bit silly to get yourself banned the day before a big news update, but hey, that’s on you guys.

Next bans for you will be for a much longer period of time. Any beyond that? Are permanent.


frustration caused by countless delays of xen might have caused an effect of frustration in some users, which causes quarels, and that only makes me dislike this forum more. IMHO, you guys wouldn’t argue if expressing these frustrations weren’t considered a toxicity by some.

Also, why do we even have a dislike option here? Just to make people angry, and hate each other?


I’m believe it’s part of WoltLab’s stock forum, meaning there is no way to do anything about it.


“Day before a big news update”?


(TBH, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use that pun for too long)


Shoulda waited longer, you’ve already jinxed it.


I could remove it if preferred by the community.


I dunno, it beats directly telling someone they’re being an ass and risking getting flamed in response.


Yeah, most of the time people seem able to use it responsibly so removing it outright seems a bit drastic.


Think that should be called to a vote to remove or keep the likes and dislikes. As it is it just invites the flaming… Sorry for being off topic.

NEWS! NEWS!.. head explodes from hype