Support A Developer! Benjamin Truman, Story Lead

Hey folks!
I’m Benjamin Truman, the Story Lead for Black Mesa.

Since graduating from Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I met many of Black Mesa’s developers (including Project Lead Carlos Montero), I have been writing comics full time.
I’ve been lucky enough to do stories for Conan the Cimmerian & Creepy Magazine, both published by Dark Horse. I was even a part of FUBAR, a world war 2 zombie anthology that debuted on the New York Times Bestsellers list!
Recently, I concluded my proudest work - HAWKEN, a 6 issue mini series published by IDW.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, 5 issues are available now. The 6th and final issue will be available in September.
Amazingly, Issue 4 + 5 have sold out completely (!!!), but you can still purchase this weird western horror series on Comixology.

Or you can wait for the trade!
This series will be collected in a Trade Paperback titled “A MAN NAMED HAWKEN”, to be published in November.

If you’re interested, I hope you can find the time and money to check them out.

And thanks to the entire community for sticking with us on this giant project.
Hopefully these could hold you over until release!

Happy Trails!
Benjamin Truman

You are very talented, I will be looking into this! Good Luck with future Publications!

The trade is currently available for INCREDIBLY CHEAP!
$13.59, marked down from $20.



And Heisenberg, you are a bad, bad man.
Last nights prison shanking montage was too much!